Monday, December 17, 2007

sexy santa

so every tuesday and thursday quinn plays basketball at the church, well, when he came home tuesday night from ball he had a little smirk on his face. they had just asked him to be santa at the ward christmas party that saturday night and he wanted my permission to do it. after the shock set in i could not stop laughing. when i was finally able to speak the first words out of my mouth were, "'re brown!" we had a good laugh seeing how santa is white, fat, and old, and quinn is brown, skinny, and young. the only reasons we could think that they would pick him to be santa clause is because he is jolly and it was a christmas luau. he did such a good job though as you can see in the video. the kids absolutely loved him. even i got to sit on his lap and tell him what i wanted for christmas....except i was the only lucky one that got to give him a kiss. i was such a proud mrs. clause!

after the luau quinn and i had my nieces and nephews over to spend the night. we watched a movie (luckily we had a kid movie in the house) and made them comfy little beds on our couches. in the morning quinn made them a yummy breakfast and saved my life by playing with them for the afternoon while i was able to stay in the bedroom and finish up my talk. he is such a sweetheart! sunday was our ward christmas program and the bishop asked me to speak in sacrament meeting. i was also asked by the relief society teacher to help her out in her lesson and speak, and on top of all that we teach sunday school. i loved the subject i was asked to talk on in relief society though. it was about choosing your eternal companion and how to prepare for an eternal marriage. i started out by saying that if you've seen my husband you know why it wasn't a hard decision. i then went into talking about all of the good advice we were given before our marriage to serve each other and just try to make each other happy. it has worked for quinn and i. we hear all the time that your first year is the hardest.....well, if this year is the hardest, then the 20th year must be like disneyland all year long. i can't wait!

Monday, December 3, 2007

louisville baby!

after a lot of hard work and studying AND stress....we got into louisville dental school!!!! here is quinn reading his acceptance email. (this picture was of course taken the day after because the day of we were jumping up and down, screaming, and weren't able to concentrate enough to take a picture). i'm so proud of quinn; he has worked his bootie off and now he gets to least for a few months. thank you all so much for all of your prayers and support. we love you all!