Wednesday, February 25, 2009

family yearbook

i am in the middle of making a family yearbook with the website heritage makers and, maybe it's because i'm a little slow, but i'm having a little trouble putting it together. i chose heritage makers because my sister hilary told me that they do a great job, but my other sister (no lyric i'm not calling you "the other sister". have you ever seen that movie?) anyways, lyric makes her photo books through shutterfly and is very impressed with them. i also heard that you can print out your blogs, so pretty much now i don't know what to do.

has anyone ever worked with heritage makers and can walk me through it? i chose them because i was told that their bindings are stronger and the books are better quality than other websites. and as for the blog printing, does anyone know how that works and if the book and paper are good quality?

the other day i was frustrated that nowadays we rarely print out our pictures and all of these wonderful pictures of our gorgeous babies sit in our lonely computers where they are easily forgotten. i want to show them off! so pretty much i decided to copy "the other sister" lyric who makes a family yearbook every year. 100 pages of her favorite pictures during the previous year with clever comments throughout. i'm excited to get it going but i'm kind of at a stand still with heritage makers. HELP!
oh, by the way, these pictures are soley for my mother-in-law who begged and pleaded for more pictures of "her baby". there ya go karen. we love you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


what an exciting weekend we had. or should i say traumatic.
now i feel like i need to let all moms out there know something about the respiratory virus RSV and their babies. i may be the only mom in the world who didn't know this, but just in case i'm not, here is a good to know fact. if your little baby gets RSV.....SUCK OUT THE MUCUS!!! my sister hilary said that that should be my new moto: SUCK IT OUT! so let me explain.
RSV has been going around here...especially in our ward, and jayden happened to pick it up. we went to the doctor and they sent us home with a machine to do breathing treatments which was supposed to help. it didn't. he became worse and worse and not only did he have a horrible cough, but he started to lose his appetite and anything that he would eat, he would throw up. it became so bad that we couldn't even force feed him, and if we could get anything in him, even a little dropper full of pedialyte, he would throw that up. he was very lethargic, just like last time, 5 months ago when we had to take him in to the ER for dehydration. well, round 2. we took him in again to the ER on sunday night where they asked if we had been using a bulb syringe and sucking the mucus out of his nose. i said, "uh, no. my doctor didn't say anything about that." they said that with little babies not everything is developed and the mucus needs somewhere to go. so in jayden's case, the mucus went straight to his belly, causing the loss of apetite and the throwing up. they pulled out two long tubes, shoved them down his nose and sucked the mucus out of his belly, which of course i could not be in the room for. there was so much mucus in that poor babies belly. they did it twice and then hooked him up to an IV to pump fluids in him. my poor little baby was tortured that night but i am so glad that we went in because he is now feeling much better. once again, maybe i am the only mom who didn't know this, but wouldn't you think that my doctor would mention something that important?! to SUCK OUT THE MUCUS! well, now you're in the know.

here are pics of him in the hospital at 3 months old:

we thought that we could get some more cute hospital pics like those of when he was 3 months old, but i can barely get myself to look at these ones. he was so sad and miserable and it shows in his pictures.

waiting in the emergency room.

we sure love those hospital gowns. i told quinn i wanted to steal oneand use it as a halloween costumebut we decided against it.

i am happy to say that the little jay bird has been feeling much better and well enough to start playing again. yesterday i tried to capture him playing with his toys to reasure my family that he is doing better. but i must say that i will miss the days of him laying on my chest all day with his head on my shoulders.

there he is playing with the bulb syring and pleading with all mommies to SUCK IT OUT!
i almost cried when i woke up yesterday morning to find jayden standing in his crib with a huge smile on his face, just like he always does. i missed that. the smiles are slowly coming back. jayden's bringin' smiley back....YEAH! (that was a sad attempt to incorporate jt's "bringin' sexy back" into my blog. now you all know what i'm listening to right now. what?!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

oh boy does jayden love church! and why does he love church? maybe because he gets to hang with so many gorgeous little girls....just like this one.i don't know what it is, maybe the fact that she is adorable, or that she looks a little like his daddy, or the fact that she has a full head of hair for him to pull on, but this precious little girl is his favorite. he actually squeals every time he sees her. but sorry j-dogg, it doesn't look like the feelings are mutual.
another reason he loves church is that quinn lets him drive around the parking lot.

he loves steering the wheel. look, he's actually giving us the thumbs up!

now about him loving relief society...that's another story.