Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 years and counting

on this day 3 years ago i married the man of my dreams. i remember the day we were set up. my sister, hilary, said that she received revelation and that i needed to go out with this guy named quinn. after i got back from my mission i was constantly set up and finally vowed to never go on a blind date again, but seeing how hilary said that right after coming out of the temple i thought it must be true, (and for the fact that she has impeccable taste and is....well...perfect). that night quinn and i went on our first date. i can honestly remember the instant i laid eyes on him for the first time. not only was i floored by his gorgeousness, but i had never met a guy like him before. his smile lit up the room and he seemed genuinely happy to see me, even though he didn't know me. i remember acting like i had to get something out of my car just so that i could hurry and call hilary. pretty much the phone call went something like this, "hilary, he's so hot! k. gotta go." he was in boise just for the weekend to watch his little brother and sister while his parents went on a cruise, so he brought his siblings on our first date. and the way he treated them sealed the deal for me. he was the one. it really was love at first sight.

i can't believe it has only been three years! it feels like we have been married forever. (in a good way, of course). i feel like i've known him my whole life, and even before that. he makes me breakfast on saturday mornings. he is working his butt off in school for me right now. he is the best dad in the world. and he always lets me be right. i love you babe. promised that we'd die at the same time like on the notebook.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

for hilary

my sister hilary got mad at me (yelling and screaming and even cursing) for not putting any pictures of owen on the blog. just kidding, she actually just mentioned that i finally posted a picture of owen and he has big glasses covering half his face. so this post is for hilary, who i've actually never heard yell or scream....but have heard curse. ;) if you've ever met her you'd know she's pretty much perfect. and if you've seen her in the last 6 months then i'm jealous because it has been that long since i've seen her.

with buddy baby liam

the classic daddy/baby sleeping picture. awwwwww.

me in my robe looking less than desirable but baby owen looking adorable smiling in his sleep.

jayden likes owen a little too much. he hugs and kisses and smothers the poor baby to death. but the cutest thing is when he talks baby talk to him in his jibberish and tells him all about his day. i think they'll be good buds.....fingers crossed.

owen is a perfect baby (obviosly taking after his aunt hilary) and i take back what i said about only loving every other minute, because i really do love and cherish every second i get to spend with this little angel....even if it is at 2:00 in the morning.

Friday, April 16, 2010


i think our kid might have a minor addiction. he only gets the binkie at nighttime, but recently he has been wanting it more often, and since we don't give it to him i think his desire for it grows. i guess that is what we get for not taking it away earlier. here is what i found when i went in his room this morning. two binkies at once. one is just not enough. yeah, he's pretty hardcore. sorry j dogg, i think it's time.

i thought it was pretty funny so i took a bunch of pictures. sorry for the overload.

owen doesn't have an addiction (other than my boob....can i say that?) but i can't leave him out.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sorry for the lack of posts.
i've been a little busy with these two...
and loving every minute of it.

well, i wouldn't exactly say that i'm loving waking up every two hours, or trying to get my 22 month old to use his words. so i guess you could say that i'm loving every other minute of it. :)