Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oh belly

quinn decided last night that it was time to take a pregnancy picture. he came up to me, stuffed my shirt in my bra and pulled out the camera that just happened to be in his pocket. with jayden, he took a pregnant picture of me EVERY single night so that he could make a video to show my growing belly. i told him that there was not a chance that i would do that again, so pretty much he has to fight for belly shots with this pregnancy.
as large and in charge as it is, with a belly button that could poke your eye out, i absolutely love having a belly and adore every kick and squirm that i feel....which is often...VERY often.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

sista sista

it's final...the youngest smith is married. crazy! she was the most beautiful bride and has an adorable husband that treats her like a queen. out of the 9 kids who are married, she was the first to have a winter wedding, and now to my brother joe (the lone unmarried smith), i beg you to wait til' june. or just skip the traditional photo session outside the temple. in quinn's words, we froze our ninnies off!

all my single ladies! all my single ladies!
i mean
all my married ladies! all my married ladies!

my sister-in-law hollie (on the far left) just might have one of the sexiest sexy faces i've ever seen. ;) hollie, you crack me up and i love that you don't know what to do when we say sexy face. it makes you even sexier....if that's even possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the dreaded 2nd place curse

2nd place in flag football, 2nd place in last year's intramural and church basketball leagues, three times at byu, he even got 2nd at state in high school b-ball, and tonight, the curse continues....2nd in the graduate's intramural basketball league. they played fantastic though and were so much fun to watch, (even though i could only catch glimpses because of the crazy toddler i had to chase around).

Monday, November 9, 2009

our little devil

i mean angel.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

here have a plop of spaghetti

the little man wants to feed himself now. bring on the messes!

Friday, October 30, 2009

happy uncooperative halloween!

so we had costumes planned for quinn, jayden, and i where jayden would be an x-ray machine (skeleton showing with all of the things inside the belly, aka wedding ring, coins, etc) and quinn and i would wear scrubs and be doctors. jayden's costume involved wearing a box, which, needless to say, he was not having. so we scrumaged around the house looking for something that looked anything like a costume, and found a snow suit that looked a little like a bear. when people asked, instead of telling them that he is a blue bear (because really, who's heard of a blue bear) we told them that he was plan b. luckily not many people asked and even a few thought he was cookie monster. why didn't we think of that?

afraid of the spiders in the backdrop. where in the world would he get that from?! ;)

quinn desparately trying to keep jayden in the photo.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

daddy's lil' helper

i love that i came outside at the time that i did so that i could capture this moment. i love that our lawn mower just happens to have a little handlebar just jayden's size. i love all of the beautiful colors of the trees behind our house. i love that quinn doesn't care how long it takes him to mow the lawn with two little feet in front of him slowing him down. i love that jayden really feels like he is helping daddy, and that quinn really treats him like he does.

i love my life.

Friday, October 23, 2009

hotties with the bodies

i've always thought that ben harper was incredibly good looking, so when quinn was told that he looked like ben harper, and i realized that hey, he does look a little like ben harper, it made quinn's hotness level go up that much higher. i didn't know hotness levels went this high!

(if you don't know who ben harper is, he is the good looking one up front...not one of the scary gangstas or the white snoop dog in the background)

when i took out the camera, stuck it in quinn's face and told him to look like ben harper, this is what he gave me:

maybe not a face ben harper would make, but definitely a face hotter than any ben harper could ever make.

Friday, October 16, 2009

future janitor

i sure hope not! but his recent hobby of pushing the laundry basket around the house and putting in whatever items he comes across makes it look that way. that or a clepto.

i just found his sippy cup, my sports bra, socks, a toy, a snow boot, a book, and a leaf inside the laundry basket. oh and my cell phone that i was looking for. and no, all of those things were not lying around the house. that's where he needs to brush up on his janitorial skills; by not making more work for himself (myself) and taking things from the place they belong. i guess that would really make him a future clepto huh. why does that make me less nervous than a future janitor?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

go cards!

they may not be as good as the basketball team, but we still had a great time at louisville's football game this saturday, which they happened to win.....barely.
j-dogg loved my play-by-plays

and quinn's enthusiasm. (even if it was just for the camera).
booya! this one is for hil! not bad seats either huh?!?

Friday, October 9, 2009

well hello there belly

why didn't anyone tell me?! why didn't anyone warn me that you show much sooner with your second child than your first? ok, maybe it's because of the fact that no one knew we were pregnant, or maybe it's just me that this is happening to, but i am about the size i was at 7 months pregnant with jayden and i'm not even 5 months along yet! i didn't show with my first until i was about 6 months pregnant, but i swear i saw a bump the second i found out i was pregnant with this one. anyways, i don't mind. i like having a belly. i was just shocked to see it show up so soon. so hello there belly, i welcome you with open arms.

no, this is not a picture of me and jayden. my belly is big but not that big. i just thought it was an adorable picture that i saw on designmom. i don't know if i'm exactly ready to show belly pictures yet, you'll have to stay tuned for those. for now, i am just going to enjoy the fact that the news is out and i don't have to try and hide my belly anymore. my fitted shirts have come back out to play!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good ol' huber farms

i am in love with a little something called fall break. quinn and i never remember having a fall break at any other university we've attended. it really is fantastic and was much needed. my fall break was this last weekend, and although quinn's isn't until next week, he went with jayden and i to huber farms; a gorgeous orchard and winery in southern indiana. we were able to walk through the pumpkin patches and pick the most delicious apples. it reminded me of being home.

it got a little chilly on the wagon ride so quinn was kind enough to share his hoodie with jayden.

blowing kisses.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

i must apologize to those of you out there who check the blog everyday looking for new pictures of your grandson....karen.

well, they may not be of the grandson you were thinking of but here they are:


we're having another boy!!!

oh, and i should probably also aplogize to those of you we've lied to for the last 4 and half months when we've said that we weren't pregnant. you understand, right.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

longest blog in blogger history

ok, so i decided to make time to post our vacation pictures...even though i should really be studying right now. i decided that if i could make time to go to ikea in cincinnatti with brittany, then i could make time to blog.

the first stop on our vacation was indianapolis, where quinn served his mission. we were able to meet up with a lot of quinn's old mission buddies and even go to church at the ward where he served for almost half of his mission. we were also able to go to the children's museum (which claims to be the largest in the world) which was actually incredibly cool.

riding stuffed donkeys and giving stuffed donkeys love

next stop was orlando. we also got to see st.augustine (which claims to be the oldest city in america). perfect, now we can check that and largest children's museum off our list of things to see before we die.

i have a hunch that jayden won't be afraid of heights when he gets older.
we flew standby all the way from orlando to boise, which took staying in the atlanta airport for 12 hours and sleeping in the phoenix airport while jayden was really sick. i've had better days in my life.
next stop was boise where we were able to go to my brother's cabin with my whole family. a gorgeous cabin, private dock, and beautiful boat....quinn was coveting just a little bit. here's quinn trying to surf for his very first time. i'm upset that i didn't take any pictures of quinn wake boarding. he was by far the most entertaining to watch and was so fearless that i sometimes i couldn't watch.little elle surfing (and looking a little more sturdy than quinn. just kidding quinn, i know she's had way more practice than you).sam and sicily looking like prosthis is jayden's cousin carter, who was his best friend up at the cabin.
i really didn't see much of jayden up at the cabin because he had so many playmates watching him. he was in heaven and already can't wait to go back.

we split up into two teams and had a little quadrathalon. my team won, of course.

canoeing was one of the events, along with swimming, running and biking. it was a blast, but poor quinn couldn't have too much fun seeing how he thought that we were wasting perfectly good wake boarding time.my sister cari is a zumba instructor and was nice enough to hold zumba classes each morning. too bad i didn't get a picture of when the boys joined in.
my newest nephew was blessed while we were there, even though we didn't actually get to see the blessing. hey, church was at 9:00. i know...no excuses.

my sister cali's baby shower. she's so cute and i just can't wait for their little 10 lb. baby to arrive. sorry cal, but you know he's gonna be huge if your husband is 6'5" and was a 10 lb. baby.

jayden loved boise and all of the attention he got at grandma's house. i mean, i take a lot of pictures of him....but not even close to as many as his grandma karen. we love you.

last stop was salt lake city, where one of quinn's closest friends (and favorite mission companion) got married in the salt lake temple.

they are pretty much the cutest couple i've ever seen.

we were lucky enough to have quinn's sister coco along for the ride. jayden already misses her.

the newly wed couple fleeing off to cancun after a night of dancing and partying. the wedding was a blast.

jayden finally got to meet quinn's best friend chris who is going to the university of utah's medical school. i think jayden subconciously knew that he was supposed to love chris, because the second they met they had an instant bond.

jayden also finally got to meet his buddy calvin, who was supposed to be three days older but ended up being 20 days younger than jayden. that was so much fun to see them play together. once again, i wish we lived closer. next time we meet they may be able to play a game of one-on-one basketball together. and we all know who would win that game. (sorry jayden, but calvin is a half a foot taller than you and can already catch a ball). but watch out cal, cause quinn is training j-dog as we speak.

cupcakes of catan. settlers with cupcakes. is there anything better? i submit that there is not.
becca, you are truly a genius.

the hardest part was keeping chris from eating his settlements and quinn to quit taking the game so seriously and go already. i think i won that game. (hey, it's my blog and since i don't remember who actually won, i get to decide). that's how the blogging rules go, right?

we miss our group of friends and already can't wait to meet up again and do what we do best together.....basketball and settlers. but next time maybe brandon should show a little less leg.
we love you guys.