Monday, May 31, 2010

baby envy

is't it usually the younger brother that wants to do everything his older brother does? well, not in our case. jayden wants to swing in the baby swing, be pushed in the stroller, get inside the excersaucer, and most recently be carried in the baby bjorn. you should see the looks we get when we go on walks in our neighborhood. i guess people think its odd to see a kid who can say hi and tell them how old he is being carried in a baby sling. well, we think its funny.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a day in the life

let me give you a little glimpse of a day in the life of owen.

now owen has an older brother that loves him so much. so much that he has to be touching, patting, kissing, hugging, bouncing, loving, talking to, reading to, and pretty much smothering owen every second of the day.

owen is VERY patient and usually takes it very well, but there are times when it all becomes a little too much.

sometimes he just thinks, "why me?"

but then he remembers that he is already half the weight of his older brother, and will most likely be much bigger than him one day. meaning, that he will be able to retaliate.

it probably doesn't help that owen's mommy and daddy smother him just as much.

the only place he can be at peace is in his crib; away from it all. and where his older brother cannot reach him.

he puts up with a lot in a day. but he hardly ever cries, and even though the pictures don't show it, you can quite often catch him smiling.

Monday, May 17, 2010

a hair cut, mother's day, and a super cute baby

so much has happened since i blogged last that i don't know where to start, but i also don't want to write a novel, so i'll try to be brief.

up first, a hair cut. we gave j-dogg his very first (and very much needed) hair cut. after watching his hair always fall in his eyes, and always looking wind blown, and even finding gum in his hair, i finally decided that it was time. even though i was the one that initiated the hair cut, i still got emotional. nerdy, i know, but he looked SO much older the instant the hair fell to the ground. we put him in his high chair, put on the bee movie, and gave him a yogurt and he held still for almost the whole time. quinn insisted on cutting his hair, and with sherstine on call, he did a great job. he looks like such a big boy.
up next, mother's day. quinn gave me the best mother's day i've ever had. well, i guess i've only had 3, but this one was by far the best! i woke up to quinn holding a present out to me. it happened to be the first of 21 presents! the first was my favorite trail mix that had a clue on it to where the next present would be. this went on for almost all the presents (which consisted mostly of my favorite candies and cereals), until one clue lead me to the oven where i found a pizza stone. i assumed that was my big present bacause i had been wanting one, until i found inside another clue. it lead me to the back bedroom where i found quinn holding an adorable box and inside was a shiny new itouch! i always told quinn that i wanted an iphone and i would just hold out until we could afford the extra monthly payment, but i found myself drooling over his itouch all the time. now quinn is drooling over mine because its a newer generation.

after a huge lavish breakfast made by my man, we headed off to church. my only complaint this mother's day is that i had to give a talk. i know. who asks a mom to give a talk on mom's day?! and the topic wasn't even on mother's! after church quinn cleaned the house while letting me take a nap (the second best present next to the touch). the tafoya's came over for dinner and the boys made us dinner while shanah and i realaxed and talked. thanks q baby for such a wonderful day.

and last but definitely not least, a super cute baby.