Friday, October 31, 2008

so i get a call from quinn, excited as can be, exclaiming that he just got a 100% on his radiology test! he said, "come pick me up and we'll celebrate!"
"are we going out to dinner?" i asked
"no, BETTER!"
he wouldn't tell me what we were doing so i picked him up along with some dental school buddies and he told me where to drive. we ended up at the fair grounds. as we were walking towards the gate, i smelt a horrible smell and seeing how i was the only one that didn't know what was going on, everyone was laughing at me as i guessed what we were going to see.
"its a petting zoo isn't it?!" "you took me to a petting zoo?!"
nope. i was wrong. it was a RABBIT CONVENTION!
i didn't even know they had those. we didn't get the exact count, but there had to have been almost 100,000 rabbits under one roof! all different kinds! kinds i didn't even know existed! people were there from all over the world to show off their rabbits and enter them into the contest.
all of us couldn't stop laughing for quite a while and then we kind of got into it and loved seeing all of the different breeds. did you know that a boy rabbit is called a buck and a girl rabbit is called a doe? oh, and don't ask a rabbit person what the difference is between a rabbit and a bunnie...they will look at you like you are an idiot and say there is no difference. and you'll get the same look if you ask what a baby rabbit is called.
"where in the world did you hear about this?" we all asked quinn.
"from a guy on the bus."
"naturally." i stated.
and then we went to dinner.

what we saw as we were about to leave was shocking. we couldn't believe our eyes at first. this questionable video should maybe only be watched by adults. funny rabbit people.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

halloween came early this year

louisville is becoming more and more of a cool place to live as the weeks roll on. thanks to my brother joe, who has lived out here for four years, for showing us all of the groovy things to do. like hillcrest during halloween. there is a street here with many gorgeous homes, named hillcrest, that deck out their houses for halloween. deck out is an understatement. when joe called me up and asked if we wanted to walk a street, i was like, "really joe? you couldn't think of anything better to do on a friday night?" but it was incredible! and apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea. the streets were lined with cars and people all over the place.

i liked houses like these that weren't too scaryunlike this one.

our ward halloween party was this saturday and since i had bought jayden the cutest costume in the world, we decided to play off of his costume and be mexicans. (actually, we couldn't say that we were mexicans because this party was combined with the spanish branch, so we said that we were senor and senorita cafe). as hard as i tried, i just couldn't look mexican.

quinn on the other hand didn't even have to wear a sombraro and he could look mexican. the dirty mustache did help though.

we couldn't help it

Monday, October 20, 2008

it's autumn time it's autumn time the leaves are falling down

it is so fun being out east during fall when all of the leaves are changing. the weather in gorgeous, and the smell is just as amazing. a couple weekends ago joe took us to a gorgeous park to take it all in.
jayden was a little sleepy so his eyes are half open in all of these pictures. thank goodness he is such a good sport and always stays happy, even when mommy and daddy drag him all over the place no matter if it's his bedtime or not.
one of jayden's many qualities is the ability to take a nap anytime and anywhere, which is perfect seeing how his mom is not a home body and is always on the go. i'm sure auntie hilary would say that he got that quality from her. thanks hil, we love you.
and we can't forget to thank uncle joe joe for taking time out of his gorgeous sunday to take our pics. we love being out here with joe. he is so much fun to be around, and quinn loves assisting him at clinic (even though freshman really aren't supposed to). that's ok, quinn will have a heads up on everyone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

great photos

Republicans enjoying themselves.

i don't like mice, actually they disgust and terrify me, but something about this insanely adorable photo makes me want to look around our garage for one and cuddle with it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

huber farm. huber fun.

huber farm: a beautiful orchard and winery filled with every type of produce you could possibly dream of...and i dream of a lot of produce.

mmmmm, kissing in a pumpkin field....nothing better.

this is j.d. he likes to play in pumpkins.
except he doesn't exactly look like he is having fun here does it. that's because we pushed him on the ground and threw pumpkins on him.

these are our crazy friends that, like jayden, enjoy riding fake farm animals. except j.d. of course... never cooperating.

i loved the smell of the gorgeous orchard, and picking as many apples as we wanted. it reminded me of the many trips that i would take with my mom to the the church orchard when i was little. those were the good ol' days. actually, these are the good ol' days. can you have more than one good ol' day? hopefully, cause i have a lot!

Friday, October 10, 2008

next project...

sand, paint, and find new vintage knobs for these tables i stole from our neighbors garbage

favorite new purchase...

beautiful thrift store find for $2. and yes, it works

funny moment...

finding jayden asleep in his bouncer, still bouncing and snoring at the same time

messy moment...

feeding jayden his first cereal

exciting moment...

quinn's flag football game where they almost beat the best team out there...almost

looking forward to...

going to huber farm orchards this afternoon with friends to go pick apples

what we just did...

played tennis. quinn and i are pretty evenly matched up, but jayden could use a little practice


my sister lyric a good and safe labor. good luck lyr, wish i were there

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i love bookstores. i love the feel of them, the smell of them, even the people in them. every time i go in one i stay for hours, just hanging out, looking at decorating magazines, reading bits and pieces of any book that has an intriguing cover. so today i took jayden into his first bookstore to see if he felt the same way, and.... well, see for yourself. i think he likes them even more than i do.

Monday, October 6, 2008


so if you haven't noticed, quinn is all about the beard lately and not shaving. well, on sunday he finally decided to shave it off, but when i came outside to check on him (yes, it was so long that he had to trim it first with hair clippers) he had nothing but a hideous molestache on his face. molestache: mustache that makes you look like a molester, in other words, all mustaches. oh, and please don't comment on my mullet. i've been cutting my own hair lately and this last time wasn't pretty. i've been wearing my hair up for about two months now....and probably should have this day also.


molesters + mullets = perfect match