Saturday, January 29, 2011

ce pain est délicieux

I have a new favorite bread (other than my mom's of course). I know this is a random subject to blog about when my last blog was months ago, but this is what was on my mind as I sat down to my computer. I guess I'm just shocked that I liked them, but so glad that I do. They don't look very good but taste fantastic! And they each only have 100 calories! Yay!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

facebook junkie = long time no blog

ok, so i don't exactly have much time on my hands since i've been in the dental hygiene program, but i somehow always find time to facebook. if i have pictures that i really want the world to see i will first post them on facebook before the blog. why? i don't know. maybe it is faster or because more of my friends will see them on facebook instead of my blog. but nonetheless, i have sisters who are not on facebook, so (lyric and hollie) this blog is for you. wow, i'm realizing you two really are the only ones not on facebook. no pressure. :)
but for those of you who are on facebook, sorry for the repeat. (i am at school and only have certain pictures on my flash drive). i promise we have taken more than these 14 pictures around here.

for fall break (yes, we have a fall break. never had one until we came here) we went to gatlinburg, tennessee up in the beautiful smoky mountains with some friends. we stayed in the coolest cabin, fully equiped with pool table, air hockey, arcade, movie theater room, hot tub, pool, 5 rooms with kind size beds and fire places, and oh much much more.
we seriously had so much fun and went on the most beautiful hikes. the most perfect time of year, with all the leaves changing.

i have to take pictures of jayden when he doesn't know it otherwise i get a goofy "cheese" face that really looks nothing like a smile.

when we looked online for a cabin, they all had this picture on their website, so we decided to mimick it and send it to our friend trevor who really should have been at the cabin with us. pathology really isn't that important.

this very well could be my most favorite picture. my boys. and owen's cheeks.

he's never laughed so much in his life until we put him in these swings.

Ward Halloween Party

trying on jayden's old chili pepper costume and loving it

NOT! he wasn't too happy to be literally stuffed into a costume. i guess we'll have to come up with a new costume this year. quinn says sumo wrestler. (i just watched a video on sumo wrestlers to get better acquainted with them before i start on his costume. i caught myself laughing out loud while in the library. seeing all those bare bums just make me giggle).

we had to go to the halloween party right after school so there wasn't much time for costumes, but browntown does have quite a few wigs (don't ask me why). they'll just have to do this year.

i couldn't get enough of owen and this wig. oh wait, i can never get enough of owen.
sidenote: cari, please do not comment on this photo ;)

hideous. that's all i have to say about quinn's wig. oh, and that it kept getting in his chili. mmmmm.

jayden loves toystory more than words can describe, so it was just fitting to have him be woody this year.

people kept calling him woody all evening which would always give him a cute grin on his face. (i'm just realizing how old he looks in this picture. my baby's no longer a baby!) ;(

him and his friend won first and second place for best boy costume. woody got second place....always coming in second to buzz. it's those dang cool wings.

Friday, August 20, 2010

my boys

i am sitting at my dad's computer in nampa, idaho recovering from a recent back surgery and missing my boys like crazy! i am almost crying while posting these pictures. that's how pathetic i am. the tux jayden is wearing was worn by quinn when he was two and owen is wearing his blessing outfit made with love by my mom. owen's blessing went great, other than the fact that i was crying in pain rather than of happiness. but i truly am SO happy. i couldn't have a more perfect baby. owen is seriously the easiest, most mild tempered baby ever, and i love him to death. can you blame me for missing them?!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quinn passed boards!!!!!! Too bad we are unable to show our celebrations, and congratulations signs, and Quinn's dinner plate with the biggest fattiest steak I've ever seen, and the fun night we spent together, seeing how our camera is still missing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

a little more good news

both my boys got into the school we wanted! this pre-school has a year and a half waiting list and we finally made it to the top of the list, and just in time! thank goodness because i don't think i could go back to school full-time if i didn't feel comfortable with where my boys were all day. good thing we put them on the list before i got into the program, even if owen was written down as "unborn" and "baby brown".

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

good news, some more good news, and then a little bad news

my kid is almost fully potty trained!!! i have not changed a wet or poopy diaper in the last 4 days! he loves going potty and is fascinated by it (i mean, who isn't). it now consumes our day, but has been definitely worth it. i used to hear the word "mommy" or "cars" all day, but now it's "potty!". we are so proud of him. we now just need to teach him to open his bedroom door so he can go by himself at night.the other good news is that quinn has taken boards. it's over! he has studied SO hard for this test; months in fact. i no longer feel like a single parent! he literally studied morning and night for this 8 hour beast of a test. i guess it can't really be great news until we get the results back. i'm positive he did great. we are so proud of you dr. brown.

and now for the bad news, we lost our camera. ok, so i lost our camera. i think i left it on the hood of our car at a bbq and forgot to pick it up. of course just in time for our trip to boise and owen's baby blessing. yes, you read that correctly, we are just now blessing owen; our five month old son. i don't think we'll be hanging his blessing outfit on his bedroom wall.

Monday, June 28, 2010


i can't get myself to call them the "terrible" two's because my child is far from terrible, but with that said, this age is so far the most difficult. on saturday jayden threw one of his temper tantrums (body flailing on the ground, screaming at the top of his lungs, that sort of thing) outside the gym and i was scolded, along with jayden, by an older lady. i was feeling like a bad mom and called my mom (a mom of 10) for some advice and encouragement. i asked if any of her kids threw tantrums....she said no. at first i was thinking, "well, thanks mom," but then she explained that she never took her kids out of the house. she literally never left the house. as i was thinking about it, his tantrums only come outside of the house; when we're out and about, when he doesn't get to stay and play on the swings or when its time to leave the pool. well, nothing really is resolved seeing how there's no way i could stay in the house all day every day, but she did tell me that its just his age and he'll grow out of it. let's hope.