Friday, August 20, 2010

my boys

i am sitting at my dad's computer in nampa, idaho recovering from a recent back surgery and missing my boys like crazy! i am almost crying while posting these pictures. that's how pathetic i am. the tux jayden is wearing was worn by quinn when he was two and owen is wearing his blessing outfit made with love by my mom. owen's blessing went great, other than the fact that i was crying in pain rather than of happiness. but i truly am SO happy. i couldn't have a more perfect baby. owen is seriously the easiest, most mild tempered baby ever, and i love him to death. can you blame me for missing them?!

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Kemp said...

Lex!!!! You can cry all you want!!!! Those boys are so darn adorable it makes me want to cry too! Good luck with everything! Call me anytime you need some encouragement!