Saturday, July 11, 2009

Livin' the life!

I thought I would fill in for lexi now that I don't have school and she does! I'll do my best but I have to say that I am not as clever as she is so you will be seeing A LOT of pictures!

I definitely caught the best fish in the SEA!!!

Lexi has hops! Maybe jayden will have some hope ;)
I LOVE this picture

Jayden n' mom bustin up laughing

Somebody loved the beach

Lex saying "get that corn outta my face!"

Had to blog this one because I can just see the Smith Sisters doing this!
They all held each other laughing while the waves hit them!

Happy 4th! I recommend Destin to watch the fireworks!

Does he seriously have a smile on his face!?! I love this kid!

The water is so clear it looks like he is in a swimming pool!

Thanks Jesse and Becky for the kite. Jayden loved it!

Are we there yet?!? Jayden was a trooper for the 10 hour drive.

Check out this hottie! Check out the smile
I need to take lexi shopping more often!

I love Jayden's face in this picture.
Check out that tan line!

We tried getting the classic foot picture but Jayden wanted to hog it all :)

and of course our lavish resort!
We had a blast in Florida! Actually, we had so much fun that we're going back next week! This time to Orlando.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

beach bound
destin, florida here we come! pray for no rain and warm nights because yes, we're camping! tent style. on the beach. just the 3 of us.
(i really should have photoshopped our faces on this gorgeous couple. and added little jayden wandering off somewhere, eating something nasty off the ground, like he usually does).