Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ultra Sound

So we had another ultrasound this last week and got to see our beautiful baby boy! He takes after lexi and is very photogenic :) He started smiling for us (or at least that's what we say). However we think that at this point he has a look alike... what do you think?!?

Friday, February 15, 2008

catching up

seeing how i haven't blogged for ages and even some of you didn't find out that we were having a baby until quinn blogged our ultrasound pictures, i decided it was time to update a little bit. forgive me for backtracking, but this post consists mainly of random things beginning back in january.

first of all i need to announce that my sister (and best friend in the entire world) came home from her mission in kirtland, ohio! she wasn't as excited to see us as we were to see her. she really missed her mission and wanted to go right back. i tried to help her out but i just couldn't relate. as much as i loved my mission i was so excited to come home. luckily quinn went through the same thing when he came home from his mission and was able to comfort her and give some good advice.

i know that it sounds horrible, but i think it was when my sisters and i took cali shopping that she started to feel more comfortable being home. she finally loosened up as you can see in the picture below. as we were shopping we walked into a store that had huge gorgeous mirrors along the walls. we tried on their hats and starting dancing to the hip hop music playing loudly. this is where cassi stated that lyric was by far her whitest sister. sorry lyr, i'll give you dance lessons later. :)
here is a picture for quinn's mom, karen, who wants to see my pregnant belly really bad, and for my nephew landon who was confused on whether quinn or i were carrying the baby after quinn made his belly stick out really far. we are at mckay's 5th birthday party at chucky cheese. and, no, chucky did not blink during the picture just in case you were wondering...he was sleeping and only turns on at certain hours of the day. lame, i know.

quinn is obsessed with the basketball game double shoot and played it the entire time while at chucky cheese. i will proudly announce for him that he beat the records on both machines. (don't worry, i didn't remind him that it was probably the high record of an 8 year old). and even though i shouldn't, i have to announce that i beat my brother at the game. (don't worry, i won't name which one).