Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oh belly

quinn decided last night that it was time to take a pregnancy picture. he came up to me, stuffed my shirt in my bra and pulled out the camera that just happened to be in his pocket. with jayden, he took a pregnant picture of me EVERY single night so that he could make a video to show my growing belly. i told him that there was not a chance that i would do that again, so pretty much he has to fight for belly shots with this pregnancy.
as large and in charge as it is, with a belly button that could poke your eye out, i absolutely love having a belly and adore every kick and squirm that i feel....which is often...VERY often.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

sista sista

it's final...the youngest smith is married. crazy! she was the most beautiful bride and has an adorable husband that treats her like a queen. out of the 9 kids who are married, she was the first to have a winter wedding, and now to my brother joe (the lone unmarried smith), i beg you to wait til' june. or just skip the traditional photo session outside the temple. in quinn's words, we froze our ninnies off!

all my single ladies! all my single ladies!
i mean
all my married ladies! all my married ladies!

my sister-in-law hollie (on the far left) just might have one of the sexiest sexy faces i've ever seen. ;) hollie, you crack me up and i love that you don't know what to do when we say sexy face. it makes you even sexier....if that's even possible.