Sunday, August 24, 2008

mamma jamma

recently i've been told by a few different people that they haven't seen any pictures of just me and jayden. i can't help but take a gazillion pics of quinn and baby jay because they are both just so dang cute, but nonetheless, i decided one night to take some mommy and me pics. while i was looking at the pictures i had just taken i realized that my son looks nothing like me. i even tried to mimic his facial expressions to see if that would help, but i just still didn't see it. what do you think? does anyone see it?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

matchy matchy green squared

if you thought quinn and jayden looked alike should really see them now

and if you are wondering about quinn's shaved head....i don't want to talk about it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

quinn's friend from indiana came to visit and was our first visitor in our new house. here the boys are out on the town partying it up.
so i have to start out by explaining that i was being completely sarcastic in my last post. a few of you expressed your feelings on how you think quinn and i are crazy, and even though we are crazy, we are not crazy (nor patient) enough to sit our kid on the toilet all the time. we actually sat him on the toilet just to take a picture because we thought that it looked so funny and he happened to go pee at the same time. since then,before showering, while he's naked, we hold him over over the toilet in hopes that he'll do it again. we also can't wait until he can use his little walker. his feet are almost touching the ground so now he just needs to work on sitting up by himself and not leaning like a cholo.

just hanging out waiting for mom who is shopping at lowes. jayden has really gotten to know that store well. the workers even know our name. is that sad?
ok, so in that last picture baby jay had a little help from daddy to sit up.
it's crazy to think how much babies rely on us. when we sit him down he slowly leans to one side and is stuck until we prop him back up. when he's leaned over it's funny to see his face that is much like one of a person thinking, "oh boy. i'm stuck again. will someone please help me."
and last but not least, thank you to joe for letting us stay at his sweet abode while we were fixing up our house. you're the bomb joe.