Friday, September 26, 2008

my sister and her new husband andy are "too cool" to put their wedding pictures on their blog, but i'm not even close to cool enough so here they are. this summer two of my gorgeous sisters got married. they married in the same weekend and shared a wedding reception that apparently was a blast. i wouldn't know...i was having a baby. if i sound bitter that's because i still am. not that i was having a baby but that i was missing the weddings of two of my favorite sisters. hilary sent me these photos after i desparately begged her to show me pictures of her dress that she designed. cali still hasn't sent me any pictures so these are mostly of hilary. yes cali, that is a hint.
we love you guys and miss you like crazy. oh and jayden told me to write that he can't wait to meet you..... and that he has gas.

relax. it's the weekend.

Monday, September 22, 2008


welcome! welcome! we are proud to show you pictures of our very first humble abode. we have done a lot of work on this house (seeing how it was a foreclosure) and many of you have been on our case to post pictures of our new house...well, new to us. we have been so busy with the inside that we have decided to postpone the outside landscaping until next spring. we are a little burnt out but we are so excited to plant in our many flowerbeds. the guest bedroom and jayden's room are not yet fully decorated so there are no pictures of those rooms. i am in the middle of making a surf board for jayden's room. we'll see how that turns out. and so without further ado...our home.







we have an awesome 2-car garage that we love seeing how we have been living in apartments forever and had nowhere to store things. we also love that we have a forest behind our house.

we pretty much gutted everything out of this house and put in new stuff...including a toilet. no, we are not keeping it, but quinn is having a hard time parting with it. it is just so kentucky to have a toilet on your yard. he wants me to put it in our front yard and plant flowers in it. i said absolutely is going out with the garbage on friday! and yes that is a mini grill on top of it. great for parties. actually we have a real grill that was given to us and we would love to have everybody over to our house to use it up. all y'all out west...come on over, flights aren't too expensive are they? anyways, we have had so much fun in doing all of this. our door is open to anyone that would like to visit. we love you all! come see us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

sick sweet baby

where do i begin? it has been a crazy 3 days! on saturday quinn and i took jayden to his first university of louisville football game where we quickly realized that there isn't really a place to change a baby's diaper, seeing how jayden had diareah and we had to change him twice. we also noticed in the morning that there was a huge wet circle around his whole body which was throw up and it kept happening over and over again. he didn't throw up all day on sunday so we thought that he was better but then right before i layed him down for bed he threw up again...and then again monday morning. by monday afternoon he was so lethargic that he didn't even want to eat. yep...dehydration. we took him to our pediatrician and he sent us straight to the emergency room. they hooked him up to an iv and pumped him with fluids. he still wasn't eating and still vomiting so they kept us in the hospital for three days to make sure that he would be ok. we are finally home and he is feeling and acting much better but you can tell that the virus is still there. somehow we were blessed with the best baby in the world that still smiles even when he is feeling sick and throwing up.

jayden waiting in the emergency room. why he's smiling i don't know.

could this hospital gown be any cuter? i submit that it could not.

jayden and daddy after getting the iv put in. mommy had already cried enough that day so she stayed outside the room while they were puting it was not far enough away...she still cried.

showing off his cool iv.

for some reason quinn loved that crib. maybe it was because it was more comfortable than the bed they made us sleep on.

this thomas the train balloon made it all worth the trip. some lady goes around giving balloons to all of the sick kids and the second jayden laid eyes on it he fell in love. he played with it for hours and since we've been home i tied it to his walker to make him happy. quinn thinks its funny to bonk jayden's head with it...oddly enough jayden thinks its just as funny as quinn does. the real odd thing here is how much my son loves balloons when i despise them. ok, despise is a strong word, i just think they are pointless and take up air space. i think they are cute, but i just don't know what to do with them when they are given to me. sorry to any of you who have ever given me balloons.

jayden is going to kill us when he gets older for some of the pictures that we have taken. you should see the ones we took of him and his little pee pee tee pee that hollie gave him.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

typical day for jayden

check myself in the mirror to make sure i look good before going out
try on daddy's old wigs

go on a long walk with mommy

take a long nap
(which mommy did with me that day just to keep me company...what a nice mom)

and late at night when daddy's not home...i secretly like to crossdress

my life is so busy and hectic, i am literally pooped at the end of each day

she's crafty

lately i have had the strongest urge to make everything myself...including headboards for our bed and our spare bedroom's bed. i got the idea from hgtv and had so much fun doing it. i just covered a piece of plywood with padding and then covered that with fabric. one is covered with burlap and the other with some drapes that i found at a thrift store. i may pull a maria and make some "play clothes" out of the rest. these were also the first buttons i have made and i think that i am hooked.