Monday, March 30, 2009

he's back!

i feel like i have to write a post about how happy i am that my baby boy is back. he was sick for what seemed like an entire month, always wanting to be held, not keeping his food down, not sleeping through the night, etc. well, out of the blue, one day, he decided that he was sick of being sick. and now he's permi-smile! i know i know, he was a really smiley baby even before he got sick, but that doesn't even compare to the boy he is now. i can't get him to stop smiling, and he laughs at everything. the good boy thinks i'm hilarious! and he doesn't even want to be held anymore, there's just too much exploring to do. it is so good to have our boy back.....even if he does get into every single thing in the house, (good thing it's a small house).

oh and chris....i don't want to talk about it!!! we just had a bad game alright! we had friends over to watch the game and yes, we are all still in shock that we lost. you wanna see a grown man cry....have his team (that you thought would win the whole championship) lose in the elite eight.

i know that these next two pictures are blurry, and his hair makes him look like one of the lolly pop kids, but i just wanted to show a few of jayden's new favorite things to do.

1. play with necklaces. any kind, any shape, any color. pretty much if you're wearing a out!

2. give open mouth kisses. these i love.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


these pictures have nothing to do with the topic of my blog today, but oh well, it's pretty much jayden's blog anyways right....for grandma, of course.

it is so much fun to be in louisville right now! we have THE best basketball team in the ncaa, we beat arizona last night by 39 points, and my husband just happens to go to school there! we always meet up with a bunch of our friends to watch the games and quinn shows up with a red shirt, red shorts, red socks, and our red fro wig that was used back in his high school browntown glory days. (too bad i don't have a picture of that, eh.) he looks absolutely ridiculous, but he thinks it brings the team luck so he won't quit, even as much as i try to persuade him to wear the nice shirts and sweaters i've bought him.

Monday, March 23, 2009

oh the life of a baby. just a simple daily task such as bathing turns into a magical adventure.

crawling around, discovering new things, and splashing to their little heart's content.

not caring if their face is in the line of fire of the gushing water coming out, even if they can't breathe and the water is getting in their eyes, just because they are so interested in this thing we call a spout.

we can really learn from them....such simple things bringing so much happiness.

WAIT! did you see what i think you saw?!!!

A TOOTH!!!! yep, one tooth at 9 months old. FINALLY!
making him officially mr.snagletooth.

Monday, March 16, 2009

beloved st.patrick's day

st.patrick's day. what a funny holiday. a holiday that is for the irish, but a holiday that we all feel like we can celebrate. this week is quinn's spring break, so even though we are not irish, we decided to make it a big deal and celebrate it like we were 100% irish. we would say things like, "what?! you have to work on st.patrick's day?!!!" or "what?! flights are going out on st.patrick's day?!!!" or "what?! you have to go to school on st.patrick's day?!!!" we put up green streamers all over our deck and garage, cranked the celtic music, and bought a ton of meat to grill. many of our friends were away for spring break but we still had a good turn out for the occasion. we grilled steaks and pork, hamburgers and brauts, ate chocolate covered strawberries (which explains the brown all around the kids' mouths in the picture below) put green food coloring in everything we made (which made everything look like the slime from nickelodian), and michelle brought the beer....root that is. the big hit was hillbilly golf. whoever thought pvc pipe and golf balls with string could be so much fun?!
and now i think we would all like to truly thank st.patrick know, for all that he has done for us ?????

Saturday, March 14, 2009

my pretty much perfect husband

as of january 1st, quinn has not had any sweets. for those of you who know my husband well, you would know the size of his sweet tooth. it all stemmed from the starbursts at christmas. quinn's brother, joel, has a starburst chain that is ridiculously long (100 feet or so) that he makes from folding starburst wrappers in a way that he can link them together. (each of quinn's siblings have a weird...i mean interesting collection, or hobby, or whatever it is. you should see the size of quinn's rubber band ball that he started when he was young! twice the size of a bowling ball, and getting about that heavy! and what do you do with it! what do i do with it?! he still gets rubber bands at christmas time! oh well, i'll let the brown's be the brown's...i mean i am one now you know. maybe i should start collecting twisty ties and make the world's largest twisty tie loop or save old shoelaces and make the world's longest ladder made out of shoelaces. you see.....i'm no good at this. i'll stick to collecting useful things like french books from the 1700's). anyways, joel received bags upon bags of starbursts for christmas and you know quinn, he has no governor when it comes to candy, so he ate, and ate, and ate, until he was literally sick. that lead to the decision he made on new year's dinner....with my family....out of nowhere....claiming he was going off sweets for an entire year! "what?!" i laughed. "why don't you start off with a week, sweety. you need to make realistic goals." some wife i am. supportive huh. well, i don't know if it's because he is stubborn or the fact that he likes the way he feels, maybe a little of both, but quinn brown has not had a single sweet since december 31st.

so last night, while at a friend's house, i ate my ice cream, thinking i was in heaven eating this delicious bowl of blue bell ice cream. my girlfriend felt bad and offered him a pear. he sat next to me with a knife and a pear, cutting into it while juices spray and spill into the plate. i hear the goodness gush in his smiling mouth and his eyes close with pure ecstasy. my belly was turning, and bulging, and i didn't even have a good taste in my mouth. i didn't feel good, which i never do after eating ice cream, and here i am staring at my husband eating his delicious pear, and salivating. i'm jealous that he is going to feel just as good, if not better, after he eats that pear, knowing how i feel after eating a big bowl of ice cream.

since when did my husband become more healthy than me? i was the little girl that pulled out an apple while my family ate chocolate cake! somewhere along the way my sweet tooth grew and grew until now where i'm too afraid to give up sweets. and once again, here i awe of my pretty much perfect husband.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's a beautiful day!

when i woke up this morning it seemed like every other morning, jayden chatting away in his crib, i go in to find him standing up smiling from ear to ear when he sees my face, i change his diaper, open up the back door to throw the diaper in the trash, when it hits's warm outside! no cold breeze; not even a titch of cold in the air! it's springtime!!! and from that moment on i haven't been able to get U2's song out of my head "it's a beautiful day"!
so when quinn got home from school we decided to bust out the picnic table, grill, and ipod, and have dinner outside.
it was perfect. jayden loves playing on the ground, we love warm weather and good music, and the steak and pork were divine (quinn having the steak and i having the pork, of course). i take it back, it wasn't perfect....when the trees behind our house bloom and are filled with beautiful red cardinals, that will be perfect. stay tuned.

Monday, March 2, 2009


for the past week, jayden and i have been going to the library to work on our taxes seeing how our internet at home is so slow. i usually try to go after i workout when he is napping, but today he decided to wake up early from his nap and check out the book selection. i think he always has his future mission on his mind and wants to get a head start on all of the languages seeing how the foreign language section was his first stop.
after searching for a while, he decided to go with chinese. he hears they have good food over there, and somehow knows that in 19 years there will be a huge growth in the church in that area and there is a good chance he could be sent there.

after reading the book he tried to think of what language would help him in the long run, even after his mission....
he chose spanish.