Sunday, September 16, 2007

chez nous

i said i'd post some pictures of our new apartment, so here they are. it's not the nicest and we don't have the nicest things but it works perfect. actually, almost every single thing in the place was given to us....which makes for some random decor. just wait, one day we'll have the cutest decorated house on the block. how about we get quinn through dental school first.
we had friends over for dinner right before we took this picture so it is very clean, but if it were on any other day you would see settlers set up on our coffee table.
this is quinn's work station where he studies all day for the DAT, but here he is on a sunday afternoon in his usual sunday attire (white shirt, tie, and basketball shorts) downloading a ringtone for me. my new ringtone is our new favorite song, "it's me snitches" and if you haven't heard it you're missing out. oh, so quinn just informed me that we are listening to the edited version...i'll let you figure out on your own what it really says.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

broom busted....already in trouble with the law

let me tell you a little story. it was about midnight on our very first night living in beautiful henderson that quinn and i decided that we were going to go to walmart to get some milk for the morning, so we hopped on the scooter and headed down the street. when we arrived at walmart we found out that there were many more things that we needed and just "had" to buy. (doesn't that happen to everyone when you go to walmart?) on our way home, quinn had a ton of groceries in between his legs and down by his feet and i was carrying a broom. we were just a couple blocks away from our apartment when we heard sirens behind us. (by the way, they're a lot louder when you're not in a car). we pulled over and when the cop exited his car, i saw the smirk on his face when he realized that i was just holding a broom. to him, in the dark, it probably looked like a rifle, or a sword, or a...who knows what. we didn't get in trouble for holding a broom, but he did give us a ticket for not having helmets. to plead our case, you only have to wear helmets in utah if you're under 18, but it is a law in nevada that you have to wear helmets on scooters. so these pictures are to show off our new helmets that quinn found on craigslist.
where's lexi? can you find me in front of our new place? aren't the palm trees bomb?! pictures of inside our apartment are yet to come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

farra fawcet?

cassi wanted me to post a picture of my haircut so i had quinn take a picture of it...but he insisted that i do it like a 70's school picture where you can see my face and profile. my hair didn't change much cass, but it is kinda funny how farra fawcet it is when i do it straight.