Monday, July 28, 2008

never too young

the day has finally come! jayden went potty in the potty! we've been waiting so long for this...7 long weeks to be exact. you always hear that you need to show recognition so we made a big fuss and clapped and screamed, so hopefully all of this praise will make him want to do it again.

so proud of his accomplishment

Saturday, July 19, 2008

if your computer is on silent turn on your sound

i had to put jayden's favorite song on the blog: "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens. if he is crying and this song starts playing on my itunes shuffle, the crying stops immediately. (maybe it's my dancing to the music that makes him stop crying) well that would explain all of the funny looks he gives me. poor kid has a crazy person for a mommy.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Quinn served his mission in Indiana and seeing how Louisville is just a river away from Indiana, we had to go visit his old mission grounds. He taught an amazing guy named Kyle Victor who ended up getting baptized and going on a mission to South Africa. We drove up last weekend to Indianapolis for his homecoming. It was amazing for me to see Kyle's reaction when he saw Quinn. You could just see the joy and deep gratitude that he had for Quinn. Kyle was so excited to show him how used and beat up the scriptures were that Quinn bought for him. It was really touching and amazing to see the fruit of his labors.Brother and Sister Sisk housed Quinn and his companion for "6 beautiful months" Quinn states, in Indianapolis. They are quite possibly the sweetest couple I've ever met. In front is gorgeous, fun-loving, incredible Courtney. Quinn baptized her and has stayed a very close friend.
This is Kim Banks who found Quinn one day standing on her door step with a huge smile on his face. Her conversion story is just as great as she is.

You can just tell with a returned missionary how hard they worked and what type of missionary they were....having said that, Kyle had to have been the most amazing missionary ever.
Courtney will be going to BYU-I this winter, so boys...take a number. We love you Court!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


as most of you know, quinn and i just moved out to louisville kentucky where quinn started up dental school. he has worked his butt off to get into dental school seeing how it is getting harder and more competitive to get accepted these days. i am so proud of him and thankful for having such an amazing husband. not only is he a hard worker but he makes everyday life so much fun. he could quite possibly be the biggest goof ball i have ever met and i am proud of it. it reassures me so much to know that he will never be a work-a-holic or a boring old dad that sits at his desk all day. i love how he is so energetic and full of life. i love you quinn...oh, and you look smokin' hot in those scrubs!

Monday, July 7, 2008

baby jay pics

since quinn and i moved out to kentucky just after having jayden, my sisters made me promise that i would blog pictures of him all the time. i haven't blogged for a while so here are a few pictures of our favorite baby in the world.
this is my new favorite outfit for jayden because of the little mittens that prevent him from scratching himself seeing how all of the mittens we bought were too big for him. thank you lisa for our new favorite outfit.
praying jayden. we are hoping he's thanking the lord for sending him to goodly parents instead of pleading to be taken away from these crazy people.
our poor baby has been pretty much homeless since he was born. we are living at my brother's house while we are fixing up our new house. here he is being a good boy and letting us work on the house.
we like to think that jayden has gotten so big since he was born...but the truth is that even though he is 4 weeks old, his newborn onesies are still huge on him.

sleeping with daddy. my two little hunks.