Thursday, July 26, 2007

Game Geeks

So Quinn and I are addicted to a little game called Settlers and its taking over our lives. We pulled out the gamed a few days ago after not playing it for quite a while and it has not left our coffee table since. It is a strategy game that takes a long time to play one game, but gets you hooked. We have kind of changed the rules a bit so that we could play 2-man and now thats what we do on our lunch breaks and at night. Good thing Quinn doesn't blog or else he'd be bragging about how he kicks my trash every time....but really he doesn't.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yay! More Wedding Pics!

I added some more wedding pictures...but this time with captions! Aren't you so excited!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wedding pics

I just posted some wedding pictures and I'll post more later but you should check them out. We had the most gorgeous weather and the temple grounds were filled with thousands of pink and yellow tulips...which just happened to be my wedding colors. I'll try to get some luau pictures in there also.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dirty Adventures

So Saturday night Quinn and I really wanted to have a bon fire and even though all of our friends went to a Jazz thing and "couldn't" come, we decided to have one anyways. Well there were people in our spot, so at 11:30 at night we were driving around Utah Lake trying to find another spot.
Instead, we found ourselves in a huge dirt field that was getting ready to be developed. Quinn saw mounds of dirt and of course had to take his 4-runner over there. (Take note that I warned him we would get stuck).This was no ordinary dirt. It was as fine and soft as powdered sugar. We didn't even drive four feet before we got stuck. Our tires were so deep in the dirt that our car was high centered. Well, it was almost midnight so we weren't about to call anyone, so.... we got on our bellies and dug ourself out. It took almost two hours and we had about an inch of dirt all over our body and hair, but we had fun and I even tackled Quinn in the dirt. Afterwards we went swimming to clean off. We made it home at about 2 a.m. still filthy but proud that we got ourselves out. Some call us crazy.... but we like to call ourselves adventurous.

In Maui there is a gorgeous 2 mile hike up through a bamboo forest that leads to a waterfall that is so high that you have to crank your neck all the way back to see the top. Of course Quinn had to scare me to death and climb up the slippery rocks to a little cave that was behind the waterfall. Afterwards we jumped off waterfalls that were more our size into the 7 sacred pools.

...And then we went through the candy can forest, past the swirly twirly gum drops, and finally, through the Lincoln Tunnel! (Ok, so I botched that up, but describing our adventure in Maui reminded me of the "Elf").

Here we are at the beautiful Hawaii Temple. Sorry about the kissy was the only one where we got both our heads and the temple. I keep telling Quinn how I wish that we a little gnome or something to run around with us and take our pictures when we need them...but I guess that Quinn is getting pretty good at this self-portrait thing (I mean, he does have long go go gadget arms). Him and Cassi should compete for best self-portraits.
I think a funny joke was said here or something. It was probably me...jk.

Sorry that I forgot to turn this picture the right way but it was just so cute I had to keep it in there. It shows his funny personality...meaning that the joke above probably was said by him.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Since Quinn had to start school up not long after our wedding we only had a 4 day honeymoon to Park City. It was a fantastic honeymoon, but he insisted that we go on a real one once he graduated from BYU. Well, we were supposedly going to Oceanside, CA but he suprised me in the airport with tickets to Hawaii! If you know Quinn, you know that he loves to suprise. We stayed one week on Ouahu and one week on Maui and had the the best time ever and did not want to come home. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

Here we are looking fiere with our new tatoos at the Polynesian Cultural Center. (Don't worry, they came off in the ocean). We hard as we try to look fierce we just can't pull it off...too smiley.

Quinn and I on our favorite beach in Maui.

This is us at Pearl Harbor where we ended up only staying for about 21 minutes. What can I say... we're beach people not museum people.


Quinn and I have officially been married for almost three months now! We've both told each other that if we would have known married life was this good we would have gotten married a long time ago! So when Quinn and I were dating we were joking around and making fun of the famous couples that put their names together (like Bennifer and Tomkat) and we decided that if they can do it, we can do it. Hence the name Quinexis. Nerdy? Yes, but aren't all newlyweds nerdy?