Thursday, December 11, 2008

jayden brown is coming to town!

"jayden brown is coming to town"
by Rebecca Miller

...we want to see him when he's sleeping, and play when he's awake.
he knows that he's been really good so come visit for goodness sake.

oh you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout i'm telling you why,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what a happy thanksgiving!

this thanksgiving was one of the best ever. although it was weird not being home and around a million family members, it was fun to host our very first ever thanksgiving dinner. we were lucky enough to have quinn's family fly all the way from boise out here and spend the holiday with us. i had fun decorating and making all sorts of foods i'd never made before and quinn loved cooking his first turkey (which was the best and juciest i've ever had). we didn't want quinn's family to leave (especially jayden who was held literally the entire time) but it was comforting to know that we will see them in two weeks for the christmas break.

waiting patiently for the fam to arrive

the fun arrives!

with quinn being the young men's president, we happen to have a whole lot of paint ball guns in our garage, so after thanksgiving dinner, joe, quinn, joel, and our friend j.d. went into the woods behind our house and played for a while. other than j.d. getting hit in the face by quinn, there were no real injuries. thank goodness.


coco always knew how to make jayden laugh

joel did a fantastic job at putting jayden (and himself) to sleep

grandpa has the magic touch

eating dinner out on the ohio river

grandma not letting go of jayden right before leaving and pleading to take him with her. i'm sure j-dog wouldn't mind.

here's a little video to show jayden's cute little laugh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's for reals yo

no need to adjust your glasses or try to re-focus your contacts... what you are seeing in these pictures is for real

i actually just passed a gas station on my way home from the gym for 1.80! BOOYA!

yes, jayden is now taking baths sitting up all by himself!

but every now and then he'll pull out his ducky to bathe with. no little rubber ducky for this big boy; "go big or go home" is his motto.

Friday, November 14, 2008

out with uncle doe doe

we took joe (or joe joe when he was little which turned into doe doe, hence the title) out for his birthday last night and even though we put jayden in a highchair at home, this was our first time sitting him in a highchair in a restaurant.
it was a little bigger than the one at home, but he is very good at sitting up by himself and sat up very well all night, until we handed him his bottle. for some reason he can't tilt it up high enough; he just leans back until the milk flows into his mouth.
quinn wanted to see jayden's face when he put a slice of lemon in his mouth. the result: he loved it. no sour face, just the sound of really hard sucking.
jayden ate the whole lemon slice down to the rhine! i know sucking on lemon's is bad for your teeth, but are they bad for your gums? i guess dr.quinn would know wouldn't he.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


always getting second place in intramural basketball has haunted quinn since he began college years ago, and last night was his chance to change everything. quinn is on a team with my brother and a few guys from the dental school, making a team of only 5 meaning they have to play the whole game every game without a sub. they are really good and so much fun to watch play together. last night was the tournament and they won their first game meaning they would have to play right after for the championship game. they were so tired and played a team that had a gazillion players. that didn't seem to matter. even only having 5 players and just finishing another game, they played incredible. we were behind 2 points with 18 seconds left. it was our ball, the ball was passed around, the clock running down, a perfect pass from my brother, the ball was shot, and..... BRICK!
we missed the basket and lost the game. second place once again. there's always next year.
jayden and another of his girlfriends hanging out at the game.

i was going to knit jayden a beanie to keep his head warm this winte
r but i think we'll use this hat quinn found.don't worry, we washed it.

so you know how thanksgiving is coming up, well, quinn and i are hosting our first THANKSGIVING this year and we decided to do some trial runs with the turkey before the real holiday. (it was probably just an excuse for quinn to eat turkey) but quinn and jayden decided to see who got the wishbone after eating the turkey.
we didn't set this picture up; jayden really won the wishbone. it was awesome.

how's that for randomness

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

picture overload

this past weekend quinn and i took way too many pictures of our favorite little boy and i just couldn't decided which ones to blog. i apologize for the overload of pictures.... but you have to admit that they are all so cute. did i mention that we love our little boy. maybe obsessed is a better word.

we think that jayden decided to put the moves on his girly friend reagan this weekend. i mean, it was pretty obvious. it started out innocent...
but quickly moved to hand holding, and eye gazing,
and finger sucking,
and even questionable hand placement.

since we don't have our utah buddies here with us to challenge us in a good game of settlers, we are very grateful that we have heather and jerrel out here...and especially grateful that heather beat quinn (the reigning champ).

jayden didn't exactly love the leaves. they were apparently very uncomfortable to sit on, but they do make for cute pictures.

even though he can do things like cover our adorable baby in leaves and beat me in settlers all the time, i have to mention how indredible my husband is. i don't think that i could be any more in love with him. he is so kind and generous, not to mention spontaneous and funny, oh and insanely good looking. i love his smile. i always wanted to marry a smiley man. it puts me in a good mood...just having him around puts me in a good mood. dang, life's good.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

just having the usual dance party with jayden (except i think i was going a little overboard that day. he didn't seem to mind)

Friday, October 31, 2008

so i get a call from quinn, excited as can be, exclaiming that he just got a 100% on his radiology test! he said, "come pick me up and we'll celebrate!"
"are we going out to dinner?" i asked
"no, BETTER!"
he wouldn't tell me what we were doing so i picked him up along with some dental school buddies and he told me where to drive. we ended up at the fair grounds. as we were walking towards the gate, i smelt a horrible smell and seeing how i was the only one that didn't know what was going on, everyone was laughing at me as i guessed what we were going to see.
"its a petting zoo isn't it?!" "you took me to a petting zoo?!"
nope. i was wrong. it was a RABBIT CONVENTION!
i didn't even know they had those. we didn't get the exact count, but there had to have been almost 100,000 rabbits under one roof! all different kinds! kinds i didn't even know existed! people were there from all over the world to show off their rabbits and enter them into the contest.
all of us couldn't stop laughing for quite a while and then we kind of got into it and loved seeing all of the different breeds. did you know that a boy rabbit is called a buck and a girl rabbit is called a doe? oh, and don't ask a rabbit person what the difference is between a rabbit and a bunnie...they will look at you like you are an idiot and say there is no difference. and you'll get the same look if you ask what a baby rabbit is called.
"where in the world did you hear about this?" we all asked quinn.
"from a guy on the bus."
"naturally." i stated.
and then we went to dinner.

what we saw as we were about to leave was shocking. we couldn't believe our eyes at first. this questionable video should maybe only be watched by adults. funny rabbit people.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

halloween came early this year

louisville is becoming more and more of a cool place to live as the weeks roll on. thanks to my brother joe, who has lived out here for four years, for showing us all of the groovy things to do. like hillcrest during halloween. there is a street here with many gorgeous homes, named hillcrest, that deck out their houses for halloween. deck out is an understatement. when joe called me up and asked if we wanted to walk a street, i was like, "really joe? you couldn't think of anything better to do on a friday night?" but it was incredible! and apparently we weren't the only ones with this idea. the streets were lined with cars and people all over the place.

i liked houses like these that weren't too scaryunlike this one.

our ward halloween party was this saturday and since i had bought jayden the cutest costume in the world, we decided to play off of his costume and be mexicans. (actually, we couldn't say that we were mexicans because this party was combined with the spanish branch, so we said that we were senor and senorita cafe). as hard as i tried, i just couldn't look mexican.

quinn on the other hand didn't even have to wear a sombraro and he could look mexican. the dirty mustache did help though.

we couldn't help it