Saturday, March 29, 2008

i'm huge!

so against my will, quinn takes a prego picture of me every night and i have to say that I'M HUGE! (in this picture he told me to make a sexy you can see i have forgotten how to make a sexy face). is it weird to like your big belly? i went to forever 21 yesterday to look for dresses for my sister's wedding and i happened to like how all the dresses looked on me better with my belly than before i was pregnant. very strange, i know, but other than being uncomfortable at night and having to go pee every 2 minutes i am loving this! lets hope that after i have the baby i don't continue this love for big bellies.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Get in my belly!

I have been getting a lot of requests for pictures of lexi's sexy belly! She is starting to get to the point where people feel safe to ask the famous question "When is the baaaaaaaaaaaby due"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

oh boy

oh boy, we've been tagged. is all quinn and i want to know is who started this whole tagging business anyways? seeing how i've been tagged from one friend and quinn was tagged from another...we decided that we are definately "it" and should answer the questions. here goes nothing.

how long have you and your significant other been together?
quinn and i just celebrated our two year anniversary of our first date on feb. 18. so far each year we have woken up on the morning of the 18th to my sister hilary calling and singing "match maker, match maker" to us and wishing us a happy anniversary... for she is the one that set us up on a blind date. i hope she does it until we're 90 years old. we love you hil.
who eats more?
quinn eats more but i definately eat more often. i swear that kid could go forever without eating. he's like a camel...but with food.
who said i love you first?
quinn did. i am way to stubborn and old fashioned to say it first. the only problem was that he always told himself that he would never say "i love you" to a girl until he proposed. so even though i love the fact that i am the only girl he has ever said "i love you" to, it was torture to wait a year for him to say it.
who sings better?
i love you quinn and your singing....that is all i'm going to say. no, actually i have more to say on that topic. quinn loves to sing...really loud, and even though he may not have the best voice in the world, i still love the fact that he does it. i know too many guys out there that won't even sing hymns at church. you better believe quinn belts it at church and makes some heads turn. oh, and quinn, even though i make fun of you for never knowing the words to songs and making up your own...i love it.
who is smarter?
what a dumb question. but to answer it, quinn is smarter in science and math and money managing, and i am smarter in, well, pop culture. oh, and i am smarter in music....if you can be smart in music. (if you are in the smith family and were at mom's house when we were naming who in the family was smartest at what, you will know that i hate this question. my family couldn't think of anything i was smartest at and finally came up with i was smartest at being social...when hilary on the other hand was smartest all around and loves to remind us. yes hilary, we know...we hear it from dad all the're practically perfect.)

who does the laundry?
i do. although he did suprise me and gave the best gift a girl could ever dream the house and doing the laundry. i walked in the house to all the lights out and candles lit all around the room with a trail of hearts leading to the bedroom where he was. each heart had something he loved about me on it and the table was set with a candle lit dinner. of course i was in heaven, but quinn being the romantic that he is, does it quite often, but it wasn't until i turned the lights on that the real suprise came...he had cleaned the carpets! the house was spotless! and the laundry was done! tears seriously almost came to my eyes.

Few Lexi told me that I could finish the blog where she left off because she didn't have time to finish it. Let me start off by saying if you have read this far I am impressed! I'm not going to lie I only look at the pictures and skim through what is written.

Who does the dishes?

Both of us. It makes it easy when you have a dishwasher.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

Wow this is getting personal! Well... I would have to say that Lexi sleeps on both sides of the bed because I start off on one side and by morning I have moved all the way to the other side. Sorry Lexi.

Who pays the bills?

I do. I can't think of anything funny about paying bills! :)

Who mows the lawn?

No lawn. And when we have a house my plans are to tear out all of the grass and put in concrete AKA one big basketball court :) So once again No lawn!

Who cooks dinner?

Who ever comes home from work first. If we both come home at the same time then we usually both cook or else I cook and Lexi sets up the settlers board :)

Who drives when you are together?

I drive and Lexi navigates because half the time I don't know where I am going oh wait neither does lexi! Can anyone spare a map?!?

Who is more stubborn?

I want to say I am but right now the hot topic is "Should we take Saunce (the white car) to Louisville with us" Whoever wins that one will be dubbed "Most Stubborn"

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?

What?!?! Neither one of us has ever been wrong.

Whose parents do you see the most?

We see them both the same. Both are in ID. Both have come to see us! We LOVE our parents!

Who kissed who first?

I took after my man "hitch" I went 79 and she went 21 (ok I admit it I changed it up a little)

Who proposed?

That would be me. Went up to some hots springs (our first date, we went to some hot springs) Right at midnight on the 21st of Feb I knelt down and asked my sweetheart to marry me.

Who is more sensitive?

Lexi hands down! She cries over everything! I wonder if it has anything to do with her being pregnant :)

Who has more friends?

My friends are her friends and her friends are mine.

Who has more siblings?

Lexi for sure! However I feel like part of the family already so once again we are tied on this one.

Since I get to wrap this up I choose not to tag anyone. I might come up with another one where you have to answer by posting a picture ;)