Thursday, May 28, 2009

summa summa summa time

ahhh, summertime. the sun comes out and the clothes come off.
when the weather's warm, the nudies come out to play.

i think he's posing in this picture but i'm not exactly sure.
and yes, that is his diaper in the distance that quinn decided to take off after rudely spraying jayden with a cold hose...expecting him to like it. and then jayden was like, "oh no you din't," grabbed the hose and sprayed quinn til' he cried like a girl.
no, but he really did find the hose that was still on and sprayed quinn, which was one of the funniest things i've ever seen.

what's new, jayden's out back, naked, playing hillbilly golf. i hate it, he beats us every time. why do i feel like he will beat us at everything for many years to come....until he understands competitiveness and not crying when you loose, then, it is on.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

water, agua, l'eau

there's not much in life that is better than swimmin' in the summer. loungin' half naked in a plastic baby pool, soakin' up the rays while reading a magazine out loud to your little man who is squealing with joy. ahhhhhh. i feel that i better soak it all in while i have a chance, because i know that if i get into the dental hygiene program, these days of focusing just on my baby are few and numbered.

his favorite thing to suck on are these fake coins we were given at a UofL basketball game. don't worry lyric, they're too big for him to choke on. i don't plan on making the same mistake twice. if the rest of you are wondering what i'm talking about, back in the day i gave her baby, max, (who is now almost 8) a piece of a tortilla chip, with the pointy edges and all. it lodged in his throat the second i gave it to him. as a lifeguard and knew exactly what to do, so yes, i had to do the baby heimlich on my baby nephew. it was very scary and i think i almost gave lyric a heart attack, but watching her reaction was priceless. i don't think yelling for mom and running out of the room is going to help your baby breath again. but what do i know.
love you lyr.

still sucking on that coin. quinn wouldn't be too happy seeing his boy more interested in a coin than a ball. maybe once teething is over he will be more interested in balls. lets hope. for quinn's sake.

the zoo has a really cool splash park that we went to yesterday. jayden loved it and i thought for sure he was going to walk while we were there. i got the video camera out and everything. he will stand forever by himself, but he just won't take a step without holding onto something. i don't want to hear it miller's and mortensen's! we all know your boys can run circles around j-dogg right now.

i know this next picture has nothing to do with water, agua, and l'eau, but i just had to include it.

quinn HATES it when jayden spits out his food. he is trying to teach him not to do it but it is taking longer than expected. quinn fed jayden this morning and when i walked into the kitchen, this is what i found...

jayden in his highchair facing the corner. quinn had put him in timeout. it didn't seem to be working very well.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

awww yeeeah!

yes, quinn had to open up a can last weekend.

on friday night we hung out at a friend's house until about 11:30, and as we pulled into our driveway we saw two guys jump out our back window! (ok, i won't use exclamation points throughout my whole story...but just know that i am writing it with a fast pacing heart and wide eyes). i have never seen anyone run so fast and hop fences with so much ease as i did quinn that night. he chased them down and eventually caught one of them while i called 911 and stayed with my sleeping baby.

now here's the fun part. after quinn has hopped a few fences, ripped his shorts, and landed in the mud, he caught the guy and got him in a choke hold. the loser then has the audacity to grab my man's jewels...yep, the family jewels. oh boy, that was not the right thing to do. now if you know quinn, i'm sure this will be hard (and fun) for you to imagine. he proceeds to deck the guy as hard as he can, oh, and woops...he still has the keys in his hand. the dude tells quinn that he won't run and they come up to the side of the road to wait for the cops. in the meantime, the idiot (lets see how many adjectives i can use for this imbecile) tries to smoke but quinn is like, "get that corn outta my face", pulls it from his lips and chucks it. even at a time like that i couldn't help but think how hot the protective side of quinn is.

i could make this story even longer, but to shorten it, we caught both jack a's and got all of our stuff back. they are still in jail and we are going to press charges to keep them in there for as long as we can.


(sorry, mom, for the vulgarity. you know i never cuss...but there's something about someone stealing from you that brings it out in me).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

catching up

we had a great time when my parents and older brother and sister-in-law came into town for my brother's graduation from dental school. seeing how i have to catch up for all those weeks that i didn't blog, once again, i post a blog that is mainly pictures. sorry.

oh dad dad daddy-o, you and that blue tooth crack me up.

the louisville zoo is gorgeous and quinn bought me a year pass for mother's day, so i took mom and dad and we made it a day. i usually don't like zoo's, but other than the gorillas looking sad, i don't have any complaints.

congratulations joe! we are going to miss you like crazy!!! especially quinn. who in the world is he going to play ball with now?!

my oldest brother sam, an orthodontist in boise that also graduated from UofL, came to the graduation and had the honors of cloaking joe. quinn and i realized that if i get into the dental hygiene program, we will graduate on the same day and quinn will be able to cloak me. awwww.

jayden is also going to miss joe immensely. he gets so excited and flaps his arms like a bird whenever joe walks in our door.

proud parents.

joe also received an award earlier that day for being exceptional at implants. some of the awards gave money, so quinn took note of which awards those were and will now work towards achieving them. :)

we loved having grandma and grandpa here and can't wait to see them again.

thank you sam and hollie for taking us to all of your favorite restaurants, and for all the graeter's ice cream, and for making me gain 5 lbs over the weekend.
oh boy, jayden's becoming a cheeser. we didn't even try to make him look or smile at the camera in this picture.

i have to buy these sunglasses...

i just HAVE to!

Friday, May 15, 2009

you're the only ten i see

ok ok, please don't be hatin'. i have a great excuse for not blogging for the last month or so. no internet is a great excuse right? a lot has happened and i don't even know where to start. so how about i fill you in on our fantastic, wet vacation to tennessee. it rained the entire time, but we still happened to enjoy ourselves quite a bit, and spend some quality time with our friends. as far as the title goes, that is what quinn said probably 21 times while we were in tennessee. as old as it got, i guess i'm glad he thinks i'm a ten.

let me warn you, i am going to post a gazillion pictures, which are mainly for karen (who has very discretely let me know that she wants to see pictures of her grand baby. if you call messages on my phone and facebook discrete). we love you karen.

at first we held jayden, trying to keep him clean, but after a while we decided what the heeyo, let the boy live. he played in the cold water, built a sand castle with daddy, and ate as much sand as his mouth would hold.

that says BROWN OHANA if you couldn't tell. brown family in hawaiian.

he was SO dirty! and look at that mouth full of sand! i think this is the moment where he decided that he didn't exactly care for it. too bad we didn't get a picture of quinn stripping jayden naked and washing him off in the cold lake water. i think that the people next to us thought we were abusing our child, but i wasn't about to put that dirty boy in our clean car. poor cute kid.
i love jayden's smile in this picture.

i had to put this picture in just to show how big my baby boy is getting. actually, he looks older than he is in this picture because of the way he is sitting, but it still makes me sad.

there was a gorgeous hike down to the waterfalls where it took you to "the wet zone".

we were completely soaked and dripping wet. once again, jayden was a trooper.

this background was so pretty that we....i mean quinn, wanted a family picture, so after this picture quinn set the camera on the little bridge, pushed the timer button, and ran up to meet me. he reached jayden and i, we smiled, but to no camera. yes, i told him this would happen, our camera fell in the water. a few choice words came out (of me, i guess i should say) and i see quinn run as fast as he can down the hill, luckily to find that the camera hadn't been swept away in the river. we let it air out and it works fine now, but we didn't get any pictures of this waterfall, which was way cooler than the first. oh well, maybe next year. and maybe quinn will learn his lesson......who are we kidding.

at the timeshare's pool, livin' the life.

he was so tired and cold, but so dang cute.

i love how miserable jayden looks in this picture.
and that was our fun little trip to tennessee. i promise i won't go so long without posting....karen. joe's graduation pictures are up next. (how impressive is that, i even know what i'm posting next!)