Friday, February 26, 2010

baby blues

the baby blues are a funny thing. not post-partum depression...that's not funny, but the baby blues; where your hormones are out of whack and you cry over the silliest things. for me, it only lasts a day or two at the most, and the sobs have come over things like my coldsore bleeding to staring at my baby realizing how much i love him. this past week my mom was in town. she cooked and cleaned and watched jayden and did laundry and let me relax and enjoy my new bundle of joy. it was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life. i love my mom, and even more than her doing everything for me, it was her company that i enjoyed the most. anyways, (before i start crying again) she had to leave me, and it just happened to be on my baby blues day. oh i sobbed and sobbed and hated seeing her leave. but i guess she does have 9 other kids, a husband, and 20 other grand kids to tend to. thanks again mom, for being the best mom a mom could ask for.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

baby o

grandma's in town! hallelujah!

so curious. who is this guy?

first kiss

first bath

i can't begin to describe the utter joy that i feel right, i guess this will be a short post. let me just say that i have never been so full of love than i am right now. i am in heaven right now and don't think that i could get ANY happier. i would post the story of baby o's birth and how he has stolen my heart, but i can't stop staring at him long enough to do so. excuse me while i get back to my staring.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Owen Quinn Brown is HERE!

Here are some pictures. The story will have to come later when lexi is up to it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

holy snowman!

we woke up tuesday morning to about 5 inches of snow and the good news of school being cancelled. quinn loves snow days more than anything. he acts like a little boy every time it happens. tuesday was no exception. quinn, jayden and i put on our snow gear and headed outside to make a snowman, but little did i know of how big a snowman. we started rolling, then quinn just kept on rolling and rolling until he had to ask the neighbor boy to come help because it was getting too heavy. then, of course, he couldn't stop. he had to make the second ball just as big and do everything he could to heft it on top of the first. it ended up being 11 feet tall! taller than our house! making our house look miniature. the mouth, eyes, and buttons are clay pigeons and we only had baby carrots so we used a banana for the nose. sticks looked too small as arms so quinn got the clippers and cut down two branches from one of our trees in the back yard. oh, and i think the sombrero is a great addition, don't you.

the best part is how it attracts so many people. all day long we have people pulling over to take pictures of it, or even getting out of their car and running up to the house to get a picture next to it. we've even had policemen, garbage men, mail men, and delivery men come by and take pictures. i love how it puts a smile on their faces. hey, we've even made it on the local news' website! we're famous! i mean, our snowman is famous! he needs a name don't you think. maybe something mexican like miguel or ignacio.

here is quinn and jayden rolling the first ball. jayden is trying to push so hard. his little grunts are so cute. i will post the videos of quinn trying to heft the second and third balls on later. they're pretty great.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

35 weeks

this pregnancy is much different than my first. i have been so busy with school and applying to the dental hygiene program that i haven't taken a lot of time to sit and reflect on what it is going to be like when baby #2 comes. i know that all of my questions will be answered when he comes (hopefully he follows jayden's lead and comes 2 weeks early) and i will magically love this baby more than i can even imagine, a gift our father in heaven gave to us women; bottomless love, but i still have one concern, or worry. i worry that the bond i have with jayden won't be as strong once baby #2 is born and requires much of my attention. i worry that the bond will dwindle even more once #3 is born. and i worry that there will hardly be a bond if we have a #4. jayden and i are so close. we do absolutely everything together. i dream and imagine jayden when he is older and he and i still have this amazing strong bond. more kids, less time for each one.
i know i am thinking too much and am not used to so much free time on my hands since school has ended. i also know that i will laugh and probably feel stupid reading this post once the baby is born, realizing that without him my life wouldn't be complete. so instead of this being a real concern, it is moreso random thoughts put out in writing. i am anxious, i am excited, i am worried, i am 35 weeks pregnant.