Monday, December 17, 2007

sexy santa

so every tuesday and thursday quinn plays basketball at the church, well, when he came home tuesday night from ball he had a little smirk on his face. they had just asked him to be santa at the ward christmas party that saturday night and he wanted my permission to do it. after the shock set in i could not stop laughing. when i was finally able to speak the first words out of my mouth were, "'re brown!" we had a good laugh seeing how santa is white, fat, and old, and quinn is brown, skinny, and young. the only reasons we could think that they would pick him to be santa clause is because he is jolly and it was a christmas luau. he did such a good job though as you can see in the video. the kids absolutely loved him. even i got to sit on his lap and tell him what i wanted for christmas....except i was the only lucky one that got to give him a kiss. i was such a proud mrs. clause!

after the luau quinn and i had my nieces and nephews over to spend the night. we watched a movie (luckily we had a kid movie in the house) and made them comfy little beds on our couches. in the morning quinn made them a yummy breakfast and saved my life by playing with them for the afternoon while i was able to stay in the bedroom and finish up my talk. he is such a sweetheart! sunday was our ward christmas program and the bishop asked me to speak in sacrament meeting. i was also asked by the relief society teacher to help her out in her lesson and speak, and on top of all that we teach sunday school. i loved the subject i was asked to talk on in relief society though. it was about choosing your eternal companion and how to prepare for an eternal marriage. i started out by saying that if you've seen my husband you know why it wasn't a hard decision. i then went into talking about all of the good advice we were given before our marriage to serve each other and just try to make each other happy. it has worked for quinn and i. we hear all the time that your first year is the hardest.....well, if this year is the hardest, then the 20th year must be like disneyland all year long. i can't wait!

Monday, December 3, 2007

louisville baby!

after a lot of hard work and studying AND stress....we got into louisville dental school!!!! here is quinn reading his acceptance email. (this picture was of course taken the day after because the day of we were jumping up and down, screaming, and weren't able to concentrate enough to take a picture). i'm so proud of quinn; he has worked his bootie off and now he gets to least for a few months. thank you all so much for all of your prayers and support. we love you all!

Monday, November 26, 2007

playing with cassi

so quinn and i went home for thanksgiving and had a blast (of course after the 12 hour drive there). we have the coolest families ever and love to just hang out with them. we kinda forgot our camera so i don't have any cute pictures of our thanksgiving trip to boise, but cassi (my sister) and i took some pictures with my brother's really cool new computer. i know...lame...but hey i feel like i have nothing exciting to blog lately so this will have to do. quinn is taking the dat on wednesday and is studying like crazy to prepare himself, but i think that he is ready and will do great. we'll be happy when it's over.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

feliz halloween!

last night quinn and i went to our ward's trunk or treat party and our non-member friends that we invited actually came! quinn made friends with todd, the dad, playing ghetto ball at the park (quinn said they were the only two white guys there). since then we have had dinner together and become good friends with him, his wife and their 3 kids. anyways, seeing how i had to dress up for this party and for my work, i quickly realized that all of my costumes were at my parent's house. so quinn and i decided to use just what we had in the house so that we didn't have to buy anything. well, is all we had was a sombrero. we worked with it...and quinn turned out to be the best juan valdez i've ever seen. (for those of you who don't know, juan valdez is the columbian coffee guy). i had to say to the girls at my work, who are all mexican, that he was dressed up as juan valdez, i couldn't just say that he was a mexican for halloween...that sounds a little racist. but he really did look like a mexican after he put on the wig and i drew the mustache on him. i was cracking up all night. to say the least, we had a great time at the party with our friends and even won a cake at the cake walk and danced at the dance party. olay!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ren fair

this last weekend quinn and i went to the renaissance fair with our friends the endrizzi's and met some of las vegas' finest wackos. we couldn't believe how infatuated these people are with the renaissance era. almost every person there was dressed up, and many were just dressed meaning to their outfit at all. i think they just wanted an excuse to wear nothing and paint their face. we decided that if you are going to dress up, go all out or go home. we saw a man in jeans, a new york nets jersey, and a feather coming out of his baseball hat. we met the actual queen, king, fair maiden of the fair, whose picture is at the top, although we didn't even know that it was them until we went to watch jousting and they were being bowed down to and sitting on a stage in front of everyone while the crowd was chanting, "long live the queen!!!" and just to let you know, the jousting was REAL! no joke! we even saw a guy get thrown of his horse and another guy...i mean knight...broke his stick just like on "a knight's tale". i also have to mention quinn's outfit. before we left, i heard him in the closet saying, "what should i wear? i don't have anything renaissance." he came out in a hawaiian shirt. we didn't stick out at all. good times in sin city.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

#21's fan club

so quinn went from this....

to this.

in high school quinn grew out his fro during basketball season and his family decided that they were going to cheer him on with fro's of their own. quinn was on the news and in the newspapers, along with his friends and family cheering him on. everyone looks great...but there is just something about jim and a fro that go together.
notice quinn's little sister colleen in the bottom right. have you ever seen a more gorgeous little girl?! you know you're hot when even a fro wig looks great on you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

fro's happening

last weekend quinn's parents came into town and happened to bring with them jim's (quinn's dad's) high school year book. that is where i found this gem...a picture of quinn's dad dribbling down the court in short shorts and an incredible fro. i loved this picture so much and decided that it should not be hidden but rather it should be blogged for the whole world to see. there was also a pictures in the yearbook of jim hanging from the rim after dunking it and the only thing you can see is a black fro. in high school, during basketball season, quinn also grew a large fro and was great just like his dad. who knows, maybe there is something about a fro that makes you better at basketball...or at least look better while playing basketball. now quinn's little brother, joel, is growing his hair out for this upcoming basketball season. like father, like sons.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

it's me snitches!

for those of you who have not yet had the privilege of listening to the songs my perfect husband posted for me, you should take time and enjoy them. "don't worry be happy" is for my last post about losing our scooter, "snitches" is our new favorite song and my new ringtone (everytime quinn walks in the door he yells out "its me snitches"!) and pink moon by nick drake is my all time favorite song.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Ode to Rocketta

This picture is of Quinn the day he bought his scooter, aka rocketa. Look how happy he is...he has no idea his scooter would be taken from him a little over a year later! Yep, thats right folks, thursday morning Quinn woke up early to go to the library and study like he does everyday, when he walked out the door and walked down to the cars....the scooter was no where to be found. Rocketa was stolen and taken from us on the 27th day of september 2007. When we filed a report, the cop pretty much told us we were screwed and that it happens all the time here. On the same day it was stolen Quinn also found out he got and interview atLouisville, so he didn't know whether to be happy or sad. We were sad. But on the other hand we made Karen, Quinn's mom, the happiest person alive. She has been praying for something to happen to the scooter so that Quinn wouldn't drive it around Vegas (which really isn't the safest place to drive in the world). This ode to rocketa (may she rest in peace) is to let her know that she has given us some of the best times of our lives. She will be greatly missed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

chez nous

i said i'd post some pictures of our new apartment, so here they are. it's not the nicest and we don't have the nicest things but it works perfect. actually, almost every single thing in the place was given to us....which makes for some random decor. just wait, one day we'll have the cutest decorated house on the block. how about we get quinn through dental school first.
we had friends over for dinner right before we took this picture so it is very clean, but if it were on any other day you would see settlers set up on our coffee table.
this is quinn's work station where he studies all day for the DAT, but here he is on a sunday afternoon in his usual sunday attire (white shirt, tie, and basketball shorts) downloading a ringtone for me. my new ringtone is our new favorite song, "it's me snitches" and if you haven't heard it you're missing out. oh, so quinn just informed me that we are listening to the edited version...i'll let you figure out on your own what it really says.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

broom busted....already in trouble with the law

let me tell you a little story. it was about midnight on our very first night living in beautiful henderson that quinn and i decided that we were going to go to walmart to get some milk for the morning, so we hopped on the scooter and headed down the street. when we arrived at walmart we found out that there were many more things that we needed and just "had" to buy. (doesn't that happen to everyone when you go to walmart?) on our way home, quinn had a ton of groceries in between his legs and down by his feet and i was carrying a broom. we were just a couple blocks away from our apartment when we heard sirens behind us. (by the way, they're a lot louder when you're not in a car). we pulled over and when the cop exited his car, i saw the smirk on his face when he realized that i was just holding a broom. to him, in the dark, it probably looked like a rifle, or a sword, or a...who knows what. we didn't get in trouble for holding a broom, but he did give us a ticket for not having helmets. to plead our case, you only have to wear helmets in utah if you're under 18, but it is a law in nevada that you have to wear helmets on scooters. so these pictures are to show off our new helmets that quinn found on craigslist.
where's lexi? can you find me in front of our new place? aren't the palm trees bomb?! pictures of inside our apartment are yet to come.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

farra fawcet?

cassi wanted me to post a picture of my haircut so i had quinn take a picture of it...but he insisted that i do it like a 70's school picture where you can see my face and profile. my hair didn't change much cass, but it is kinda funny how farra fawcet it is when i do it straight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

scoot-er-die man!

so this blog goes out to my friend becca who, for our wedding, gave quinn and i one of our favorite presents, a drawing of quinn and i on our scooter....pretty much the way everyone always saw us. on sunday quinn and i wanted to mimic the picture she drew for us, so while i was waiting on the scooter quinn put the camera on the car, pushed the timer button, ran like mad to the scooter and sped off down the road to make it in time for the flash. even though we timed it perfect and were in the center of the picture, quinn was driving too fast so we are all blury. our neighbor saw what we were doing and decided that we needed help (probably after thinking we were nuts) and took the picture for us. much easier, but far less exciting.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


my cravings on the 22 day of august in the year 2007 at precisely 4:24 p.m. :
the beach
a pineapple bowl from the north shore (this is not your regular snow cone)
everything associated with hawaii
holding dan and kelli's new baby
playing croquet with the miller's
a new dress
a haircut
a haircut for quinn
a new work chair...or at least a cushion to put on it
lazer eye surgery
singing a horrible "happy birthday to you" to chris
getting the downlow of walt and ange's honeymoon
demolishing quinn in a good game of settlers

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

vegas baby!

so quinn and i are moving to henderson, nevada (15 min. from las vegas) at the end of the month and we are not too excited about it. we are going to miss so many things here, especially our friends, cheap rent, and our jobs. we have high hopes of quinn attending unlv's dental school and if we move down now we will be able to pay in-state tuition which is $30,000 cheaper a year. we believed its a risk worth taking. so to the miller's and thacker's.... we will be anxiously awaiting your company in fabulous las vegas.

Monday, August 13, 2007

book binding is cool

i have always wanted to learn how to bind my own books. when i lived in france i became good friends with an old lady that could pretty much do anything, from playing the sitar to binding her own books. she taught me how to play the sitar but never had time to teach me how to bind books. i know that i am not an author or an artist, but i would love to start binding books and make my own journals or start writing children's books and have my lovely talented friend becca illustrate them. (this is the first becca has heard of what do ya say becca?)

Thursday, August 9, 2007


so there are ants in our house! i am constantly cleaning up our kitchen floor because if i let one tiny crumb fall i'm toast. i swear those little rascals wait under the fridge and behind the oven until i slip and let something fall to the floor, then they all come out of hiding. they gross me out so bad, but then again i love to vaccuum them up. this drawing shows a girl counting ants... i would be moreso the girl with evil eyes and a vaccuum in one hand laughing out loud as the miserable ants plummet to their death.

Monday, August 6, 2007

No more lonely

So the love of my life left me last week for 4 days to go on the high adventure hike with the priests in our ward to Havasupai Falls in Arizona, and it was a miserable experience for me. It was the first time we had been apart and I couldn't sleep at night. I would keep myself awake for as long as I could so that when I laid in my bed I would fall right asleep (which was usually around 3 a.m.). I don't know what I would have done without my friends here that kept me company every night. I devoted my whole Saturday to prepare for Quinn's homecoming that night, which kept me busy and my mind off my loneliness. I cleaned the house, made coconut bread, ironed his Sunday shirt and bought a new tie to go with it, I made a welcome home banner and bought him a welcome home present (a polo shirt and ice cream maker), and last but not least, I made him a candy gram. yes, a candy gram. juvenial and nerdy yet fun. Anyways, my baby's home and the two love birds are together again. Thank you to all who kept me company and helped me not go crazy last week.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who loves Hawaii? We love Hawaii!

Quinn and I have so many cute hawaii pictures that we thought what the heck, lets post some more. Ok ok, so Quinn never said that and could actually care less if I post more or not, but this is after all quinexis' website not just lexi's so everything will be from both of us I decided...I mean WE decided. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Game Geeks

So Quinn and I are addicted to a little game called Settlers and its taking over our lives. We pulled out the gamed a few days ago after not playing it for quite a while and it has not left our coffee table since. It is a strategy game that takes a long time to play one game, but gets you hooked. We have kind of changed the rules a bit so that we could play 2-man and now thats what we do on our lunch breaks and at night. Good thing Quinn doesn't blog or else he'd be bragging about how he kicks my trash every time....but really he doesn't.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yay! More Wedding Pics!

I added some more wedding pictures...but this time with captions! Aren't you so excited!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wedding pics

I just posted some wedding pictures and I'll post more later but you should check them out. We had the most gorgeous weather and the temple grounds were filled with thousands of pink and yellow tulips...which just happened to be my wedding colors. I'll try to get some luau pictures in there also.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dirty Adventures

So Saturday night Quinn and I really wanted to have a bon fire and even though all of our friends went to a Jazz thing and "couldn't" come, we decided to have one anyways. Well there were people in our spot, so at 11:30 at night we were driving around Utah Lake trying to find another spot.
Instead, we found ourselves in a huge dirt field that was getting ready to be developed. Quinn saw mounds of dirt and of course had to take his 4-runner over there. (Take note that I warned him we would get stuck).This was no ordinary dirt. It was as fine and soft as powdered sugar. We didn't even drive four feet before we got stuck. Our tires were so deep in the dirt that our car was high centered. Well, it was almost midnight so we weren't about to call anyone, so.... we got on our bellies and dug ourself out. It took almost two hours and we had about an inch of dirt all over our body and hair, but we had fun and I even tackled Quinn in the dirt. Afterwards we went swimming to clean off. We made it home at about 2 a.m. still filthy but proud that we got ourselves out. Some call us crazy.... but we like to call ourselves adventurous.

In Maui there is a gorgeous 2 mile hike up through a bamboo forest that leads to a waterfall that is so high that you have to crank your neck all the way back to see the top. Of course Quinn had to scare me to death and climb up the slippery rocks to a little cave that was behind the waterfall. Afterwards we jumped off waterfalls that were more our size into the 7 sacred pools.

...And then we went through the candy can forest, past the swirly twirly gum drops, and finally, through the Lincoln Tunnel! (Ok, so I botched that up, but describing our adventure in Maui reminded me of the "Elf").

Here we are at the beautiful Hawaii Temple. Sorry about the kissy was the only one where we got both our heads and the temple. I keep telling Quinn how I wish that we a little gnome or something to run around with us and take our pictures when we need them...but I guess that Quinn is getting pretty good at this self-portrait thing (I mean, he does have long go go gadget arms). Him and Cassi should compete for best self-portraits.
I think a funny joke was said here or something. It was probably me...jk.

Sorry that I forgot to turn this picture the right way but it was just so cute I had to keep it in there. It shows his funny personality...meaning that the joke above probably was said by him.