Wednesday, May 7, 2008


the before baby comes and dental school starts cruise to cabo san lucas was bomb! here are a few pics.


there is nothing like coming into your room every night and finding a new cute and cuddly animal made out of towels on your bed, not to mention chocolates. and if you were wondering...yes quinn and i shared that twin bed. we got the bunk bed suite but never pulled down the top bunk. why do i have a feeling that in a few years we are going to look back on this and say "dang we were crazy".
our good friends ange and walt came on the trip with us and we can't even begin to describe how much fun we had. (if brandon and becca are reading this, that last sentence was for you). they had the room right next to ours so we decided we needed a code: 3 pounds for "are you ready to go?" 2 pounds back meant "yeah, give me 5 minutes" and 1 pound meant "ABSOLUTELY NOT!" we really miss that.
after the last entertainment show of the night there is not much to do on the cruise if you don't drink or gamble, so getting our groove on in the dance club became the place to be.

and now for our favorite souvenirs from the cruise (besides all my really cute new earrings of course)... baby's new mexican clothes. the cabo onesie was given to us by the girls we sat with every night for dinner, and the shirt next to it was a great find by quinn. ____ is going to look so cute in it in about a year!