Friday, January 22, 2010


being pregnant with my second child, i find myself asking a few questions:
-am i going to feel guilty for not giving jayden all of my attention?
-is jayden going to notice that he is not getting all of my attention?
-how is it even possible that i can love another child as much as i love jayden?
-is he going to be just like jayden?
-what is he going to look like?

i know that i will love this baby (there's no question about that) but as a mom with only one child it is hard to fathom having this much love (all the love i have for jayden; all the love in the world) for another child. and quinn thinks that all our kids will look and act like jayden. i guess that is what all first parents think. this will be very interesting. we are so excited for this little man to come, and answer all our questions.

here are a few pictures of our little jayden from day 1:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

go broncos!

last night we watched the fiesta bowl with a bunch of bronco haters. thank goodness we won because quinn was talking enough trash talk that if we lost his friends would never let him forget it. here is jayden before the game warming up. his new thing is to shut himself in the closet for a while and come out in daddy's or mommy's shoes.

eastern time kills us when it comes to watching sports, so seeing how the game started at 8 and ended at 12:30, jayden got tired and needed somewhere to sleep.

quinn put him in the dog kennel (that was just washed) not thinking that he would really stay in there, but when we shut the cage and said, "night night jayden", he laid his head down and fell right asleep. we were just glad no one from protective services happened to drop by.

and here we are at midnight gloating from our win, with a baby that is in dire need of his bed. did i forget to mention that our baby is not a baby anymore and is now sleeping in a big boy bed? well, he is, and the transition from a crib to a queen size bed was a cake walk. our little stud muffin loves his bed. hallelujah!

Friday, January 1, 2010

happy new year

i have to dedicate this new year's post to my amazing husband that went an entire year without sweets. i laughed at him last new year's when he said he was going to do it, and now a year has passed without one slip up. i so admire his drive and dedication. but i have to say, a new year's kiss is not that romantic when your man has a chocolate in his mouth. he just couldn't wait. i guess he couldn't make the decision between kissing me at midnight or having a chocolate covered caramel macadamian nut that his auntie sent him from hawaii. very understandable.

and thanks to the curfew's for bringing in the new year with us. oh, and for bringing the bubbly.