Friday, January 30, 2009

4 days and counting!

4th day without school for quinn allen brown!!!

so we woke up tuesday morning to find this much snow outside... and that school was cancelled!!! we laughed and laughed thinking how silly these kentuckians are for cancelling school with only that much snow.

but little did we know what was about to come forth. see, there is something out here that they like to call "freezing rain". it is something that i have NEVER, in my entire life, experienced until now. it has turned everything into ice. we are living in an ice world! everyone's yards looked like ice skating rinks! quinn even tried to make a snow angel but couldn't break the ice to do it. there are ice sickles on everything!

and then came the snow. wednesday we woke up to a winter wonderland and jumped for joy again because we knew he wouldn't have school again.
but the ice became too heavy for the tree branches to hold which caused trees and tree branches to fall all over town. we have woods right behind our house and if you stood outside and made no noise, you could here tree branches falling every 10 seconds. it has caused quite a bit of damage around the city and we even had a branch fall on our garage. luckily it didn't fall far enough to damage it.

also, the ice is becoming too heavy for the powerlines to hold so there are powerlines down all over the place. there are now 607.000 people in kentucky without power!!! i don't know how we are getting so lucky, but we had power with the last storm and we haven't lost it yet with this one. we are housing my brother and his roommate who lost their power and feeding dinner to all of our friends at night who aren't as fortunate to have power. since we do have power, we are loving life right now....especially quinn. no school for 4 days and we don't even know if they'll go back on monday. oh, and it is gorgeous outside. a true winter wonderland....probably for only those that have power i guess.

quinn decided to take jayden outside and make a snowman.

isn't it beautiful?! it's HUGE!!!

SIKE! just kidding! it's a mini one! just j-dogg's size!

he loved being outside and loved to stick his tongue out to catch snow flakes. it was hilarious! and i loved how his eyelashes would catch the snow flakes.

well, sorry for the extremely long post. i have been wanting to blog all week but couldn't get our computer to work, and now that it does i realized that i had too much to blog. so there ya have it, our snow week in a nutshell.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


he absolutely loved the swing and didn't ever want to get out of it.

giving momma one of his open mouthed kisses.

the coolest teeter-totter i've ever seen. even mommy and daddy liked playing on it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

j-dogg returns!

i recieved a call last night from my mother-in-law telling me that she is unhappy with my latest blogs and needs to see her grandbaby. she said that i have been posting random subjects with random mens' pictures instead of having jayden as the topic along with many pictures of him. sorry karen. but if it makes you feel better, i haven't posted for about a week because we were having computer difficulties. i promise i had good intentions of posting his latest accomplishments.

i feel that i need to give a shout out to hand-me-downs. everything you see on the floor in this picture is from a good friend karen fry, one of quinn's classmates' wife. she and others (sherstine mortensen) has given us SO many clothes, but she also gave us a ton of really cool toys. we decided before jayden was born that we wouldn't spend money on toys when they are babies, seeing how they will be happy with paper and measuring cups (which is what jayden played with before this day). but i must say that i love having real toys, learning toys, for him to play with. thanks karen.

on monday, i walked into the living room to find this:
he must already be learning from all those learning toys. jayden pulled himself up to the table and started walking around it! i was so impressed with him! and now that he has started he can't stop.

we may be having a little walker sometime soon. (take your time jayden, your crawling has got mamma on her toes let alone you walking).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

the unique and soothing voice of sondre lerche is something all of you must experience. i came across his music in a record store when i was a senior in high school and have yet to find a song that i haven't liked. he is from norway and wrote and sang all of the songs in "dan in real life" (or as my brother jesse calls it "joe in real life" ...sorry joe). anyways, i got a call from my brother joe telling me that sondre lerche is coming to louisville along with brenda carlile and the seattle orchestra. we booked tickets that night. excited is an understatement.

speaking of music i need to give a shout out to one of my favorite websites: it is an internet radio website where you enter in a musician's name and it will play their music along with others like it. through it i have come to know many more musicians that play incredible music. it is on all day at my house and i love that i can have numerous stations, two of which are sondre lerche and band of horses. you should check it out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

calling all germ-a-phobes

so j-dogg went from not crawling to speed crawler just like that! he is already getting into everything, but the sad part is that i think it's hilarious. i know i know, that won't last for long, but the other day he got into the potting soil in one of my other plants and when he looked up at me with dirt all around his mouth i couldn't help but smile. i decided to try being firm so i held up my pointer finger and in a strong voice said "NO". he gave me the cutest smile, grabbed my finger, and started sucking on it. be strong lexi, be strong.
so even though he is a pro crawler, he still has no teeth and gnaws on EVERYTHING. even the shopping cart, which is why i bought one of these clever little accesories today.

it can be used as a shopping cart cover and a restaurant high-chair cover (which he also likes to suck on). i'm not really a germ-a-phobe, but it gives me the heebie jeebies when i catch him sucking on those nasty handles when who knows who has touched them with hands that who knows what they've touched. i don't even want to know. but now, problem solved. thanks target.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


so as i was browsing the internet the other day looking for a bike that i could ride around with my kids, i came across the bike of my dreams: the dutch bakfiet. pronounced BAK FEETS, this crazy looking thing is found all over europe and has just recently made it to the states. BAK meaning "box" and FIETS meaning "bike" this box bike will make all my wishes come true.
these bikes have room for your kids, they also have two benches and room for your groceries or flowers or picnic basket. this bike is not for those who are always in a hurry. it is the minivan of bikes.

there are seat belts for the kids
you can even haul around your little babies
they have covers for when it is frigid and rainy

and you can even carry home your christmas tree in it! i know once i show this picture to quinn it'll be a done deal.

let's get real lexi, this amazing bakfiet is $3000 and we are dental students with large loans. maybe one day... and only if i live in an area with side walks and stores and parks close to my home. (that's a big IF). youtube has a video of a bakfiet race in portland. it's hilarious. you should check it out.

Monday, January 12, 2009

going green

as i was blogging this morning about how jayden has learned how to crawl, he was in the other room tearing up my beautiful plant (which was FAR away from the spot that i placed him). i guess he listened to us and decided to "go green" ...and took it literally. al gore and my mom should be so proud.

the babe's got the pox

my sweet little baby got the chicken pox. we were told that he couldn't even get them until he's a year old and then they give a vaccine, but they were very wrong. they don't give the vaccine until they are a year old, but they can get a mild case of the chicken pox. it hasn't been bad at all. he only has a few spots and he hasn't gotten sick so i shouldn't be complaining. since he is contagious for about a week, we have to keep him indoors which i think he loves. i drag him around so many places that i bet he wishes he could just stay home and work on his crawling.....which he can do by the way! he started crawling on tuesday and hasn't stopped since. he is already pretty fast and can get into a lot of things. we got a new video camera for christmas and have taken a lot of footage so once i figure out how to get those videos on my computer i will show you all proof of his crawling.

Monday, January 5, 2009

christmas in a nutshell

jayden met his cousins for the very first time! hopefully next time they at least ACT like they like him. just kidding. he was probably pinching her butt or something like that.

jayden loved christmas morning, but i don't think as much as mommy and daddy seeing how they got up at a quarter to five and had to wake HIM up.

we suprised my family by showing up at my nephews basketball game where they played against eachother. everyone thought that we were coming two days later, but quinn sayed that he wouldn't miss that game for the world.

jayden went swimming for his first time ever and loved every minute of it. it could be because we shower with him and dunk him under the water all the time at home. he felt so comfortable in the water (except when quinn would throw him in the air) and even loved floating on his back! now i have taught enough mommy and me swimming classes to know that most babies don't like to be on their back in water. i was pretty impressed to say the least. we also got him to mimick us and blow some bubbles (after drinking a lot of that nasty water of course.) too bad our gym in louisville doesn't have a pool. we'll just have to wait until summer now.

aunt elaine got married and looked absolutely beautiful.

we finally got to meet my sister cassi's boyfriend and could just eat him up! we miss you cassi and spencer!

coco had chicken pox this christmas so karen, being the wonderful mom that she is, walked out of her bedroom with a face full of red spots to match coco's so that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable at the christmas party. we decided to all do it with her and had matching spots for the party.
j-dogg made the cut for baby jesus this year!

we went on a train ride up in the mountains. notice the gorgeous scenery behind the two dodo's.

and finally, lots of this...sleeping on a plane.