Monday, April 21, 2008

SUPRISE! well, not really

seeing how quinn is so good at suprising me and does it all the time, i decided to throw him a suprise birthday party on saturday. the combination of me being a horrible liar and quinn knowing me far too well lead to disastrous results. apparently quinn knew the whole time what i was doing. i guess it all started when he told me that he was going to work saturday (the day i was going to throw the party) and i paniced. i insisted he take the day off when usually i wouldn't mind. keep in mind this whole time i am thinking that i am so sneaky and sly and getting away with everything. so saturday rolls around and with the party being at 1:00 we went shopping in the morning and when we were supposed to meet our friends at the park to "play tennis" he asks me, "so is there going to be food at this party or do we need to get something to eat first?" lame. maybe one day i'll get him.

here are some pictures of quinn's new grill and the little "suprise" bbq we had at the park with some family and new vegas friends.

Monday, April 14, 2008

boise baby shower

so quinn is the master of all suprises. he always has been and always will be; i don't know how he does it. last weekend i came home from work and saw a huge sign on our front door that said "SUPRISE!" i walked inside and saw my bags packed. quinn had been hiding a secret from me for about two months that my mom and sisters were flying me up to boise for a suprise baby shower. it was the best suprise ever seeing how i haven't seen my family in a while and i won't be able to go to the double wedding in may.

i posted a gazillion pictures of the shower thanks to nancy. i forgot my camera and she showed up with her incredibly nice camera and generously took pictures throughout. love you nancy.
it's tradition in my family to have my mom make the blessing outfit. it is adorable...and good thing its not long-sleeved because we all know that his arms will never fit any shirt as long as he gets his dad's go-go gadget arms.
i think that this was the time that everyone was laughing at me when i got excited about seeing 21 on the tag of a shirt when it really said 2T. my mom said that i've got a long way to go.
you know quinn is going to put this thing on him every day. this kid has no choice but to love the number 21....there is really no way around it.
the best gift was when i opened lyric's present and read a card that explained that she too was going to have a baby. i'm so excited! our kids are going to be the best cousins ever and totally hang out all the time. (i guess we should find out if she's having a girl or boy first before we make them best friends).

my sisters are seriously the coolest!
quinn's grandma is just loving these pee pee tee pees i got as a gift from hollie. if you haven't heard of them...yep, they really are a little tee pee for the little pee pee when changing his diaper. i would much rather use those than my hand. thanks hollie.
i think that karen and cocoa (quinn's mom and sister) had their hands on my belly the entire trip. i loved it, but i think buddy liked it even more because he didn't move around as much that weekend.
thank you mom for such a fun weekend. i love your guts!