Monday, June 28, 2010


i can't get myself to call them the "terrible" two's because my child is far from terrible, but with that said, this age is so far the most difficult. on saturday jayden threw one of his temper tantrums (body flailing on the ground, screaming at the top of his lungs, that sort of thing) outside the gym and i was scolded, along with jayden, by an older lady. i was feeling like a bad mom and called my mom (a mom of 10) for some advice and encouragement. i asked if any of her kids threw tantrums....she said no. at first i was thinking, "well, thanks mom," but then she explained that she never took her kids out of the house. she literally never left the house. as i was thinking about it, his tantrums only come outside of the house; when we're out and about, when he doesn't get to stay and play on the swings or when its time to leave the pool. well, nothing really is resolved seeing how there's no way i could stay in the house all day every day, but she did tell me that its just his age and he'll grow out of it. let's hope.


Heide Gentry-Kemp said...

Hey!! Lexi you are a great mom!! I am hoping that it is the age too. Aiden has been going through the same thing. I can't believe that some random lady yelled at you. Don't they remember that they had kids once too, and they have fits. I hope that all is well and we need to try and get together again soon. Love the pictures by the way!!

bbcurfew said...

he sure is one cute kid. we need to get together someday. i've wanted to text you, but can't cause all our old texts have been deleted. so don't hesitate to holla at me. peace.
ps- hang in there. you're a great mom. the old lady is bitter. i'm sure she's since forgotten about her tantrum. she should have better manners than that since she's had a lot more experience on this planet than jayden. he's still learning. she has no excuse...

bec said...

yeah, that is not a terrible face. Too cute. I think having your kids disagree with you has to show you are doing something right, because if everything you do agrees with the limited mentality of a two year old, something must be wrong!

The Morris' said...

Ah lex, i feel for you! I hate the looks people give you, because you know they were that young parent once too:) Your little guy looks way to sweet to be onery though! And I would love to see you this summer while you are here, you will have to give us the details of the baby blessing we would love to be there! Talk to ya soon!

Kemp said...

Okay the last picture of Jayden takes away all of those tantrums! He is so darn cute! Some old people are just unhappy and grumpy.....

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JDizzle said...

I can't believe that lady scolded you, people are so funny sometimes... you're an awesome mom!

Karen Brown said...

SO . . . Quinn use to do this (like father like son) and I would look at him and walk away - he would pop up his head look at me walking away and stop crying and run after me. . . of course all the people watching would think I was a bad mother but. . . he stopped! PS - it's probably time to drop him off at GRANDMAS!!!